Pride and Prejudice: The Squealing Continues…

Did I mention I loved it? So much that since, having already read it and being unable to fall in love that way all over again, I decided to see as many of the movies based off of it as possible. I started with the one made in 1940… Did you know it’s just absolutely awful? Maybe I misjudged, to be fair, I only watched about 3 minutes of it but it was SO boring and just… zzzzzzzzz…

I really couldn’t stand watching it, so I turned it off and sent it back. Then I had to decide whether to watch the one with Kiera Knightly, made in 2005, which I’d seen before reading the book and had this weird mix of liking it in spite of myself and not understanding it at all. Or to see The movie – the one everyone tells me I must see – the 6 hour BBC version starring Colin Firth. Really I hear so many rave reviews about this one I really thought I’d chosen to see it first, but apparently not. Because the one with Kiera Knightly showed up in our mailbox shortly after returning from vacation. No matter, I had enjoyed it – and I was very interested to see if I’d like it better now that I understood the plot, or if it really was that confusing.

I have to say – I liked it a lot. I have my complaints, of course. Having read the book it’s obvious the movie dashes around all over the place, leaves things out and adds things in at leisure. I’m sure they all do a bit of that though. And some of the things added in, like Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley pacing outside muttering about how to get Bingley and Jane together again. That was pretty funny. Things I didn’t like – did both Bingley and Darcy have to be so very not at all handsome. I suppose they both grew on me over the course of the movie, especially when the obvious chemistry between Darcy and Lizzy began to show, but really – they must be splendid actors is all I’m saying.

I’m not being very fair – I really did like Mr. Darcy a lot in this movie and I think Kiera played an amazing Lizzy but I might be biased since to date she’s the only actress I’ve actually seen portray her – the girl in the 1940’s version spoke for about a second before I turned it off, but honestly, what was she, 40? Anyway.

I remember the first time I saw it having a very hard time remembering who people were and WHERE they were but having read the novel, and recently, I didn’t have that problem at all. I was able to just sit and ENJOY it and watch it play out, knowing how it would progress, being able to be just a little bit shocked when things were different and feel all nervous for the characters with them, even though I knew how it would eventually play out.

I’ve found I love to get lost in this story. And after I attend to a few other movies on my queue I’m planning to watch the BBC version with Colin Firth – I’m very excited about that, although I think it will take me quite a bit of time to get through all 6 hours. So in short – if you didn’t read my previous review of the book, despite a good deal of resistance throughout the first half of the book, I eventually fell in love. I think I might have to put it in my little list of Favorite Books of All Time for the story is amazing and very well done. The 2005 movie was also really well done IF you’d read the books. If you hadn’t, you are likely to have been very confused, but for me at least, I still enjoyed a good amount of it, at least what I could understand of it. And I’m very much looking forward to the BBC version.

That, my dear readers, is the end of my first post for the Lit Flicks Challenge and a continuation of my review for the Classics Book Club @ 5 Minutes for Books; and of course, a very satisfying moment in my own literary ambitions. Now I’m going to try to stop thinking in Austenian language, de-verbose myself and try to get back into Breaking Dawn because OMG was I ever enjoying it last night… More on that LATER.

8 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice: The Squealing Continues…

  1. Warning – you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away once you start! Better to set aside an afternoon and watch it from start to finish if you can. Look forward to finding out what you thought of it!


  2. @ Carol : I HAVE it ready, but I haven’t been ABLE to watch it yet (business and such) and it’s driving me crazy. I think Monday I’ll be able to at least start watching it. 🙂


  3. I enjoy both versions of P&P. The cinematography in the 2005 version is just breathtaking and I like the more ruddy, natural feel in lighting and costume.

    The A&E version stays more true to the book in both circumstance and dialogue and is a nicer more professional looking production than many BBC TV films I’ve seen.

    I enjoy the cast in both movies. The actors in each movie highlight unique aspects about their characters that ring true.


  4. See the BBC version, ASAP ! You have missed some pleasures in life..
    seriously, it is the closest to the book and a gorgeous one..


  5. Wow! Great submission. I’m guilty myself of only having seen the Kiera Knightly version…

    I’m ashamed.

    But great review, thanks!


  6. Although I let a voice in my head name my daughter, I only listened to it because the name was from one of my favorite female characters in all of Brit Lit: Bennett. And really, when people ask how we picked her name, doesn’t “Pride & Prejudice” make a much better answer than “The voices told me to”?


  7. Here is the order I did P & P:

    1. Got book and attempted to read it.

    2. Gave up after a few chapters since I couldn’t figure out what the heck people were talking about in that weird old English.

    3. Watched Keira version. Thought it was pretty good.

    4. Watched the BBC version and fell completely in love with Colin Firth.

    5. The book is now back on my to be read pile. I think I can handle it now that I know the story. I might actually enjoy it. 🙂


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