That’s right folks, it’s time for Monday Morning with Karen @ Write From Karen – and yes, I’m well aware that it’s nearly 2 pm – no I wasn’t sleeping, I’ve been doing laundry all morning! Geez! Anyway, this week is all about hair, scratches, candy and agitation. How the four things relate, I couldn’t tell you, but I can tell you it looks like a fun set of questions. Remember, if you play along, to link up at Karen’s main post.

September 8th Questions Are:

1. Are you brunette? Blonde? Auburn? And is it natural? If you could pick any type of hair you wanted, the style and color, what would it be? (Can you link us to a picture?)

I have brown hair, and yes it’s very natural. I’ve gone through the whole “dying hair” stage – you know for most of high school and college, on the hunt for the Perfect Elusive Red. And I think I even found it at one point, but after awhile I got tired of hearing guys tell me that “redheads were so hot” like I kind of wanted to punch them because deep down, I knew I was a brunette. So sometime around college graduation, I dyed my hair as close to natural as I could, let it fade naturally (although I never noticed it do so, so I must have picked well) and I haven’t dyed it since.

So I wouldn’t really want a new color again but if I could have like amazing hair that listens and looks sleek and put together, that would be pretty terrific, although I would be less than willing to actually style it every morning so if that’s part of the package, then no thanks, but if for minimal effort I could look like this every day:

You know, I wouldn’t complain.

2. How did your car get that little scratch/dent? (Because let’s face it, we ALL have car stories, right? If, for some reason you don’t, tell us about how someone else’s car got that scratch/dent).

Most of my dents are from “Adventures in Parallel Parking,” and most happened in college, where I suspect nobody else knew how to Parallel Park either. I actually am unsure if I put the dents in or someone else did, but you can always find my car because the front and back license plates both look like someone tried to make my car a sandwich.

3. In your opinion, what is the worst-tasting candy? Now, what is the best-tasting candy? How often do you eat candy? Do you keep it around your house? Do you allow your children to eat very much candy?

Well those Harry Potter jelly beans that taste like vomit and pepper, I’d be all set without those. I also dislike black licorice and probably wouldn’t touch a chocolate covered bug of any kind with a ten foot poll. Candies that I do like often involve chocolate and peanut butter. I also really love cookie dough bites (chocolate covered cookie dough – my husband hates it but I’m in LOVE with them) and Jelly Belly jelly beans. I don’t eat candy very often, mostly just at the movies and once in awhile when we decide to try and play “going to the movies at home” and eat popcorn and candy and the like instead of our usual suspects. I almost never give my son candy because he’s two. But it’s happened, we just try to limit it as much as possible. No need to unleash his sweet tooth prematurely (more so anyway).

4. Are you easily agitated? What really makes your temper soar? Do you stay angry for a long time? Or do you get over it pretty fast?

Sometimes yes. When I’m feeling irritable it seems anything will set me off – you can ask my son and his little bestie, on a bad day I will yell at them for just about anything. But other times you know you just hit that stride where everything just sort of rolls off your back. Those days are nice. Things that really upset me – anyone doing anything that could hurt my child, ignorance, people being unaccepting of other people. I try very hard not to stay angry for long – sometimes I stew for awhile and feel kind of awkward like “how can I go back to being happy after such a big fit?” That’s the hardest part is the transition really.

Alrighty, that’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

One response to “Monday Morning: And The Living’s Easy”

  1. Alisha Avatar

    Wow Katie Holmes (or Cruise?) looks fabulous in that photo!

    Hilarious. The Harry Potter Jelly Beans hahaha Me and a friend tried those one time (I have no idea why??!?!) I think I ate dirt flavor and then could NOT believe they actually manufactured those and SOLD them—-but yeah just the thought makes me gag. LOL

    Good Point about the “transition after a big fit.” Agreed. Its been a long time since I had a nice hearty argument though. ~sigh~ yet another reason why I am OVER being single. LOL sometimes conflict is good for ya. 😉
    I will be visiting your blog again. You made me laugh.