Lookin' Fine by 2009: Week 3

So, here we are in Week 3 of Looking Fine by 2009 – the ultimate kick butt diet pioneered by the one and only Jen @ Daily Mish Mash. Also known as Week 3 of My Sorry Excuse for Excuses.

This week I was not on vacation, but I did get a lovely little visit from every woman’s least favorite visitor (especially women like me who are trying to conceive. Thanks. Thanks a lot). The one improvement I have noticed is that in spite of being grumpy and susceptible to moments of weakness, my overall “behavior” has improved since the last time God decided to make sure I was aware of my complete lack of being pregnant. I’m still drinking water like a champ, I’m still piling loads of goodies on my plate, but only eating like half of them. I’m showing willpower, even during my period. So even though I had the world’s most amazing ice cream sundae after lunch yesterday, I then decided to walk from Friendly’s to Walmart instead of driving. And then back again. And I had water with my ice cream. That’s sort of like dieting right? Well shut up, it’s the best I can do.

Excuse # 2 : While I had my little Week of WTF, my hubby was lucky enough to pull his back out or whatever you call it because apparently I am feeling less than confident in my vocabulary this morning but I think that was actually the right term – you know, keeling over in pain, grumpy and actually took Friday off from work because he could barely move? Yeah that. And there was the sick kid. Did I mention my son never did get over that cold we got on vacation? Yeah there was that. So I’m all sorts of “Grrr don’t talk to me, make your own damn dinner.” And dh was all, “I’d make dinner if I could stand up,” and MM was all “blah blah blah hack cough splutter.” And well all my wonderful dinner ideas for Friday-Sunday were largely chucked out the window. We didn’t do too badly considering – it was a lot of freezer food that mostly cooks itself and that one trip to Friendly’s that I’m not proud of but I did enjoy like OMG.

The results of a week of trying harder than say a few months ago, but not as hard as I should. Stagnant. I didn’t gain or lose a single decimal point. Seriously. So I’m calling that a success? Normally I’m gonna guess I gain weight when I have my period.

So my work is still cut out for me, and I didn’t do great. But I’m strangely proud of myself. Is that weird? Should I take a pill for that?

My goals for next week:

  • Walk more.
  • Continue drinking water.
  • Cut out some soda cause I’ve kind of sucked about that.
  • And try to lay off the snacks – I’m actually getting better about this despite my completely non-pregnancy related cravings.

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash‘s question this week is:

What is your best tip for curbing your appetite?

For me the thing that works best is either having a glass of water first or getting up and walking away. Just from whatever. Leave the apartment or leave the room. Kind of like handling a temper tantrum, sometimes if I just “change the scenery” I’ll forget about whatever I was craving.

How’d you do this week?


After reading Jen‘s post and considering the results of my scale, I’ve decided to move an exercise DVD from the middle of my queue, to the top. That’s motivation right? That’s progress. This is the DVD I’m trying first – I have 3 others lined up to try as well. I think for me, variety is key.

2 thoughts on “Lookin' Fine by 2009: Week 3

  1. You will definitely have to let me know how you like the dvd. I’m desperate for something fun that also gives you a good workout. I’m convinced that elusive combination exists somewhere.

    Congrats on not gaining any new weight (esp. during this time).


  2. I’m not doing this challenge, but with the soda thing. I switched out my diet soda for diet peach iced tea. So I still get something sweet, but without the carbonation and more of a water base.


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