Now Your Feature Presentation: The Man & The Monkey

The Man And The Monkey:

A Halloween Story


Mommy as Professor Wiseman & MM as The Man In The Yellow Hat

SB (super bestie) as Shrek

MM’s Future Bride as Your Friendly Neighborhood UPS Woman

and finally MM’s Future Sister-in-Law as Princess Jasmine

Critics say:

“Those are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!”

“You just know he’s up to something!”

“Only MM can make eating chips look this good!”

“The prettiest sisters in show business!”

“Why is she hugging me?”

“Only here can you see a Princess walking a man carrying a monkey! It’s a must see!”

You won’t want to miss this epic love story:

Boy likes balloons.

Girl likes balloons.

Boy & Girl decide to appease their parents and marry. Or hug.


And they all lived sugar highedly ever after. The End.


This post has been rated ATP (Awesomer Than Possamer) by the cute kid critic

Photographs are the property of but the lovely sisters featured above are the property of Red Knows How, at least until the wedding. Shrek is owned by his mother who does not YET have a blog.

Five Senses Saturday: A Sensational Tour Of My Weekend


  • the gentle breathing of SB has he naps…
  • the playful giggling of MM, who is not napping, but not unhappy…
  • the hum of the sewing machine as dh sews fabric so that it won’t fray…
  • the light tappity tapping of the keys as I type…
  • a clanging sound from outside, perhaps at the dumpster or a car?


  • the gardening gloves from my swap partner, Meg
  • the Forty Licks Rolling Stones cd that I need to rip
  • “bouquet” of flower pens; they don’t need to water & they’re functional!
  • my son’s toy drill which was taken away for reasons unknown to me
  • an LTD Commodities holiday catalog


  • my wedding rings, which I’ve been fidgeting with today
  • the edge of the desk digging into one arm as I type
  • a box of Kleenex to help with my allergies
  • the book I’ve been reading voraciously, Breaking Dawn
  • a pad of paper to write a shopping list


  • coffee with pumpkin spice creamer
  • a rich, melty grilled cheddar cheese sandwich
  • a glass of cold water
  • Trader Joes unfiltered apple juice that could pass for apple cider
  • honey whole wheat pretzel sticks, also from Trader Joes


  • coffee brewing in the kitchen
  • baby powder and that ‘clean baby (toddler)’ smell
  • a fresh cool breeze
  • a hamster cage which needs to be cleaned ๐Ÿ˜›
  • that’s about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Found this meme at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

Monday Morning: And The Living’s Easy

That’s right folks, it’s time for Monday Morning with Karen @ Write From Karen – and yes, I’m well aware that it’s nearly 2 pm – no I wasn’t sleeping, I’ve been doing laundry all morning! Geez! Anyway, this week is all about hair, scratches, candy and agitation. How the four things relate, I couldn’t tell you, but I can tell you it looks like a fun set of questions. Remember, if you play along, to link up at Karen’s main post.

September 8th Questions Are:

1. Are you brunette? Blonde? Auburn? And is it natural? If you could pick any type of hair you wanted, the style and color, what would it be? (Can you link us to a picture?)

I have brown hair, and yes it’s very natural. I’ve gone through the whole “dying hair” stage – you know for most of high school and college, on the hunt for the Perfect Elusive Red. And I think I even found it at one point, but after awhile I got tired of hearing guys tell me that “redheads were so hot” like I kind of wanted to punch them because deep down, I knew I was a brunette. So sometime around college graduation, I dyed my hair as close to natural as I could, let it fade naturally (although I never noticed it do so, so I must have picked well) and I haven’t dyed it since.

So I wouldn’t really want a new color again but if I could have like amazing hair that listens and looks sleek and put together, that would be pretty terrific, although I would be less than willing to actually style it every morning so if that’s part of the package, then no thanks, but if for minimal effort I could look like this every day:

You know, I wouldn’t complain.

2. How did your car get that little scratch/dent? (Because letโ€™s face it, we ALL have car stories, right? If, for some reason you donโ€™t, tell us about how someone elseโ€™s car got that scratch/dent).

Most of my dents are from “Adventures in Parallel Parking,” and most happened in college, where I suspect nobody else knew how to Parallel Park either. I actually am unsure if I put the dents in or someone else did, but you can always find my car because the front and back license plates both look like someone tried to make my car a sandwich.

3. In your opinion, what is the worst-tasting candy? Now, what is the best-tasting candy? How often do you eat candy? Do you keep it around your house? Do you allow your children to eat very much candy?

Well those Harry Potter jelly beans that taste like vomit and pepper, I’d be all set without those. I also dislike black licorice and probably wouldn’t touch a chocolate covered bug of any kind with a ten foot poll. Candies that I do like often involve chocolate and peanut butter. I also really love cookie dough bites (chocolate covered cookie dough – my husband hates it but I’m in LOVE with them) and Jelly Belly jelly beans. I don’t eat candy very often, mostly just at the movies and once in awhile when we decide to try and play “going to the movies at home” and eat popcorn and candy and the like instead of our usual suspects. I almost never give my son candy because he’s two. But it’s happened, we just try to limit it as much as possible. No need to unleash his sweet tooth prematurely (more so anyway).

4. Are you easily agitated? What really makes your temper soar? Do you stay angry for a long time? Or do you get over it pretty fast?

Sometimes yes. When I’m feeling irritable it seems anything will set me off – you can ask my son and his little bestie, on a bad day I will yell at them for just about anything. But other times you know you just hit that stride where everything just sort of rolls off your back. Those days are nice. Things that really upset me – anyone doing anything that could hurt my child, ignorance, people being unaccepting of other people. I try very hard not to stay angry for long – sometimes I stew for awhile and feel kind of awkward like “how can I go back to being happy after such a big fit?” That’s the hardest part is the transition really.

Alrighty, that’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…

This morning I got an email from Allie@ The Pink Potpourri, with all the details on my Swap Partner in Allie’s Favorite Things Swap. My partner, Meg @ Queens Fort Mama, is a young momma like me with a son about a year younger than MM. Her blog is basically awesome and I’m so glad she’s my partner if for no other reason than it introduced me to her blog – giving me more great things to read during my bloggy time. I spent most of the afternoon perusing her posts and getting caught up on all things Meg, trying to get an idea of what kinds of things to send her.

I confess, got a bit carried away, trying to come up with things that she’d like to get, then remembered, I’m supposed to be sending MY favorite things, not hers. But of course, I want her to like them. And, one of the rules is to send things I’d love to get, and I’d love to get thoughtful presents from someone who took the time to get to know me a bit (no pressure Meg! haha). What I mean, is that I don’t want to send let’s say Oreos to someone who is allergic to chocolate or hates sweets, you know?

Fortunately, it looks like Meg is a pretty easy going chic, with a lot of similar interests to me – it’s almost like Allie knew what she was doing or something. And I’m starting to fall into a comfortable groove, starting to get an idea for the kinds of things I’d like to send, and ideas that won’t break my fragile bank. I think husband will approve. And I’m excited, and looking forward to this whole “swap” thing.

So, in closing, everyone should go check out Meg’s blog if you aren’t already avid followers, because she’s pretty great. And if anyone reading this got their swap partners, you know I’d love to hear all about it. I’m off to watch old Looney Toons cartoons with MM and SB. So ta ta for now.

It’s a Barking Mad Dinner Party @ Momma’s House (Apartment)

So Auds over at Barking Mad had this brilliant idea to host a bloggy “dinner party” – not a real dinner party with like food and stuff but more like a bloggy group hug – I think you are awesome, let’s celebrate kind of party… Confused? Here’s what Auds wrote:

Create a post telling us who you are inviting and what about that person’s writing makes you think they’d be an intriguing/funny/interesting person to share a meal with… Once you’ve created your post, be sure and come back here and link (Mr. Linky makes it EASY PEASY!) to that specific post on your blog, and make sure you link back here telling others about the Barking Mad Dinner Party.

So yeah, I thought this sounded like fun. Before I get to the guest list, I thought I’d tell you what a dinner party at our place would be like, if you could come here in person – for starters, we’d all be crammed into our tiny little apartment which would be rather funny if you all brought children, spouses, or dates. We’d definitely sitting stacked on one another’s laps, let’s put it that way!

I’d think about cleaning up beforehand, but there would likely still be toys everywhere, as it’s impossible to explain to a two year old why the apartment can’t look like people live there. On the menu would be homemade pizza by my husband – who experiments with his recipe often enough that I’m not sure I could tell you exactly what kind of pizza it will be, but can safely assure you that you will probably be in love with it. He makes excellent pizza.

It will probably not be a big booze fest, as all of our parties these days seem to actively involve the kiddos and well it would seem strange to me to get all tipsy while in charge of small children. There would be plenty of sodas and juice boxes to go around a very “serve yourself” atmosphere although I will ask you all about 15 times if I can get you anything to eat or drink, because I’m like that.

If the occasion seems right, we’ll probably pull out some board games for the grown ups, some decks of cards for the non board game playing grown ups, and probably put on a movie for the kids. But it’d be a pretty laid back, fly by the seats of our pants kind of affair. And I’ll probably not look at the clock all night, so if you stay too late, please don’t blame me as I’ll have no idea what time it is until everyone leaves and I’m wondering why it’s 2am already. This also means you can pretty much feel free to pop in whenever as I won’t know the difference. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sound fun? GREAT! So let’s see, who’s invited? The guest list for this party was so difficult for me – there are so many great bloggers out there that I’d love to “invite” but here is my list of 10 bloggers who I think would all mostly get along, be hysterical and hopefully have a good time with one another. ๐Ÿ™‚ But anyone who wants to crash the party is more than welcome – we don’t play by the rules here! Come on over!

Oh right, the people who are invited formally are:

  • Patrice @ not a girl, not yet a woman : The only non-wife or mom to be invited, but such a cool girl she actually should have no problem fitting in here – and I’m sure her upcoming tales of college life will be thrilling and fun to live vicariously through. Not to mention, hanging out at a party full of moms and kids will be like the most stellar form of birth control on the planet! Gee, now I’m hoping she’ll even want to come… haha But seriously, Patrice is awesome – I think a lot of you know her blog and will agree that she’d be warmly welcomed in this group!
  • Jen @ daily mish mash : Jen can be counted upon to provide the perfect blend of light hearted humor and serious conversations about things that matter – proof can be found of this just glancing through her blog – her posts ranging in topic from blogging for blood cancer to how absolutely gorgeous Ryan Gosling is – and as long as none of you have a problem with Gosling being hers entirely, there should be no problems! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Jessica @ farm fresh : I don’t know about you, but my baby cravings get kicked into overdrive very easily, still if Jess and her brand new bundle of awww could make it to the dinner party, that would be stellar. I’m figuring she’d be digging the idea of getting out and hanging with some gal pals and that her gal pals would love to ogle some cute not quite one month old newborn Cadrian goodness.
  • Susie @ raising the boys : Susie is one of my favorite moms to twitter with, and as the mother of two adorable boys, we’ll be sure to have fun sharing in the fun and shennanigans that go along with having too much testosterone in the home (okay so I only have one son, but I baby sit SB so often I may as well have two!). Susie is hysterical and she’ll have to tell us all about her recent trip to Vegas if she can make it to the party!
  • McMommy @ (where else?) The McMommy Chronicles : I’m thinking it’s just not a party unless McMommy is in the hiz-ouse – her sense of humor cracks me up for hours on end, and if there’s a dull spot in the party (not that there will be, but just in case…) I’ll be counting on her (or her supposedly funnier husband) to crack the joke that brings life back to the party quicker than you can do something funny and quickly. Are you up for the challenege, McMommy? Did that horrible joke a sentence back or so make it clear how much I’ll be needing you there? ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Jill @ the diaper diaries : She’ll be able to deftly juggle conversations about motherhood, pediatric physical therapy and traveling China – how many of you mommas can say that? And if she’s as witty, diverse and well spoken as her blog would lead you to believe, she should be able to make conversation about those things like you’ve never conversed before. (Notice how I cleverly corner you girls into being witty
  • Dana @ super nanny, where are you? : You knowย  those mothers who do everything so annoyingly well that it makes you want to punch them in the face? Yeah, well Dana is not one of those mothers – she’s real, like you, like me (well maybe not like you, but definitely like me…) And I mean that in the most awesome way possible – she is awesomely real, and will admit when she’s normal, and not shy away from telling you about her day, no matter how colorful her bathroom sink gets or not quite glamorous her baking attempts LOOK – but you know they taste amazing – she’ll be real with you, and laugh with you at the hysterics of your own brood as well – and I like love that. We can punch people in the face together. Word.
  • Jen @ stuff jen says : I’m thinking now that there will be THREE Jen’s at the party, that hilarity will likely ensue each time someone says “Jen” and we all say “yes?” or maybe we’ll all refuse to say anything just to be contrary like that, who knows? Point is, that’s not why I’m inviting Jen from Stuff Jen Says – but because, like Jen from Daily Mish Mash, she is awesome. I always love reading the posts on her blog, so I think it’s safe to assume I’d love hanging out with her at this party as well, and oh come on – three Jens in one apartment – it’s gonna be awesome! (Yes I am still aware there will be no real dinner party. Yes it makes me sad…)
  • Auds @ barking mad : Well you know I have to invite Auds, this thing was her amazing idea! So I’m counting on her to know what to do when I run out of ideas or burn the invisible food that I won’t be cooking. In between searching for my invisible fire extinguisher she can make her husband talk to us in a British Accent (which will amuse me for hours on end, anyway) and we can all swap stories about our experiences with using Sun In in the 80’s…
  • Karen @ write from karen : And lastly, Karen, who couldn’t be least if she tried – Karen has to come – she’s one of my absolute favorite bloggers, one of several great meme thinker uppers on here, and the mother of teenage boys – guys, that’s huge – someday I myself will be the mother of a teenage boy and it frightens me beyond belief – It’s Karen’s dear blog that makes me think there is still hope yet, and that I may be able to survive such a thing without losing my cool completely.

And now I’m thinking maybe nobody will show up – maybe I didn’t cook all of this food for no good reason and there will be nobody to not eat it all with me – I’m toying with the idea of crawling back into my pajamas and pretending this whole thing never happened and I never wanted a social life anyw…

Hold on, somebody is at the blogDoor –

“oh my god, you came!!!!!!”

Don’t you totally want to come to my Bloggy Dinner Party now? All the Cool Kids are doing it – And, don’t forget, it’s a not a party without crashers!