Now Your Feature Presentation: The Man & The Monkey

The Man And The Monkey:

A Halloween Story


Mommy as Professor Wiseman & MM as The Man In The Yellow Hat

SB (super bestie) as Shrek

MM’s Future Bride as Your Friendly Neighborhood UPS Woman

and finally MM’s Future Sister-in-Law as Princess Jasmine

Critics say:

“Those are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!”

“You just know he’s up to something!”

“Only MM can make eating chips look this good!”

“The prettiest sisters in show business!”

“Why is she hugging me?”

“Only here can you see a Princess walking a man carrying a monkey! It’s a must see!”

You won’t want to miss this epic love story:

Boy likes balloons.

Girl likes balloons.

Boy & Girl decide to appease their parents and marry. Or hug.


And they all lived sugar highedly ever after. The End.


This post has been rated ATP (Awesomer Than Possamer) by the cute kid critic

Photographs are the property of but the lovely sisters featured above are the property of Red Knows How, at least until the wedding. Shrek is owned by his mother who does not YET have a blog.

4 responses to “Now Your Feature Presentation: The Man & The Monkey”

  1. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : He had so much fun and I really think he even “got it” you know? I was worried he wouldn’t understand at all, but he seemed to and he had a great time with all his little friends. 🙂


  2. Jen Avatar

    MM’s costume turned out adorable! Looks like he enjoyed being the man in the yellow hat! Great idea!


  3. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    I love a romantic comedy! Cute stuff maynard!


  4. Scrappy Girl Avatar

    How cute! Love the monkey on his back…we own one of those and the doggy version…best thing since sliced bread because we “own” a runner…she’s like one of those dogs that takes off and forgets he’s on a leash..LOL! Glad you had a great Halloween!