Just wanted to post something real and non-memey for a minute. I have a lot of things I’d like to get done and probably blogging isn’t helping that, but sometimes it’s good to get your thoughts on paper or internet, whatever. So I’ll fill you all in on what’s on my to do list and what’s slated for the next few days.

I am inches away from finishing Breaking Dawn and when that’s done I can start Jane Eyre for the 5 Minutes For Books’ Classic Book Club – I may not finish it on time but I will hopefully have at least started it. I picked it up at the library this afternoon. MM was VERY good today at the library. I let him carry a book of his own inside and he flipped through it in his stroller while I hunted down a copy of Jane Eyre.

I also have a STACK of magazines to get through. Everytime I finish one it seems 3 more show up in the mail. Luckily most of the subscriptions were gifts from friends and family or I’d definitely have to cut back. I do like reading all of them, but when you have a stack of 10 waiting and more always coming… you get the idea.

Um, clean? I need to vaccuum still. That sounds so unimportant with all the reading I’d rather do. Not to mention the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice waiting to be finished watching – I’m about 45 minutes into it so far and will probably go watch more of it when I finish typing this. Then when MM gets up from his nap I might try out my new workout DVD with him – it’s a 10 minutes solution dance mix thing and I think he might get a kick out of it. Or get in the way. We’ll see. Either way, bring popcorn, it’s bound to be interesting.

What else? Halloween is coming. I know we have plenty of time but we’re making MM’s costume this year (more on that later) so we need to start gathering pieces soon as some things are not necessarily normal and easy to find. It involves a LOT of yellow. 🙂

And then any minute after that will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I’ve been planning a list of gifts to buy but I need to start making some real decisions soon and figuring out a budget. Also hostess gifts might be a good thing to start thinking about – and what events will we be attending this year? My inquiring mind wants to know.

Speaking of things I want to know, supposedly my friends and I are starting our book club back up but I still have no idea WHERE, WHEN or WHAT BOOK. That’s a little nerve wracking, but I’m really looking forward to getting it back going, so I am excited if nervous. I know I’ll be at least seeing some of the ladies from the bookclub this weekend because IT’S GAME NIGHT.

Once a month we have our friends over for pizza and games and general awesomeness and that once a month time slot is this Saturday. I’m planning to use some of the apples we picked this weekend and make a pie. That’s right, I’m going to bake. Shocking I know. I love to bake, but I hate baking in my kitchen so I really have to work myself up to it, etc. cause I very easily back down and buy a cake / pie whatever instead if things get too complicated or I’m le tired. You understand, right?

Speaking of apple picking, expect pictures tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. I also want to show some pictures soon of my son’s new pajamas. For some reason that baffles me, he wears an 18 month for pants, a 2T for shirts and a 3T for footie pajamas. My son, he’s strange. Baffles the imagination, right? I know, I don’t get it. To be fair, he’s almost getting big for the 18 month pants but it isn’t very helpful since 2T is still humongous on him and falling off, etc. Where is the 21 month option, I ask you?

Okay I guess this was enough dear diary-ing for one post. Aren’t you glad I normally stick to the memes? 😛

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  1. Mamasphere Avatar

    Game night and apple pie? That sounds like such a great time! I should start a game night at MY house.

    You have one BUSY schedule!