3 Things I'd LOVE To Learn

Sara @ On Simplicity is asking What 3 Things You Are Dying To Learn and you know I had to play along and answer. I don’t think we ever finish our “education” there is always something new we want to know and if you aren’t learning anymore, are you really living? I know my son teaches me something new every day at least. But here are three things I’d love to learn:

  1. A new language – my sister is learning Japanese and swears it’s an easy language to learn and I’m so envious. I know a teensie tiny bit of French and even my knowledge of that is horrid. Considering how much I love to travel and how many places I’d like to go, it would be helpful to learn more languages, don’t you think? Languages I’d LOVE to learn include but are not limited to: French, Spanish, Gaelic, Italian, Japanese & German.
  2. The true story of everyone I know – we know people, but how well do we really know them? I’d venture to guess that I hardly know my own parents at all. I want to know the true story of who they are, how they met, why their marriage didn’t work out, and how they feel about their lives and what they’ve done with themselves. Ditto for everyone else I know, but obviously with different questions as everyone’s lives are different.
  3. I would love to be crafty – my husband picks up crafts like it ain’t no thang. Sewing, knitting, crocheting – EASY according to him. PAIN IN MY ALREADY GRIEVOUSLY PAINED NECK, according to me. My fingers lack all coordination known to man, and any craft I pick up has that horrible “I did it myself” look to it, if in fact, I ever finish it. I don’t knit. I don’t sew. I don’t crochet. I don’t draw. I don’t paint. I don’t play an instrument (I know that isn’t a craft but it seems to go hand in hand  for similar reasons).

I’ll stop there because it’s a THREE thing question but there’s so much more I’d love to learn in fields like photography, cooking, baking, math, science, politics, and more…

But, more importantly, what three things would you like to learn? I look forward to reading your thoughts on this in the comments section below. 🙂


  1. I really wanna learn sign language! My school is like 1 of 10 schools in the nation where you can get a bachelors degree in ASL, so obviously they have a good program so I have a lot of friends studying sign language and I just think it would be really cool to learn! Other than that I don’t really know. But you have a good list too! lol


  2. You are funny!

    I’d love to learn (& do!!) how to lose weight & keep it off! (insert evil laughter here)

    I’d love to learn how to be a gracious & charming hostess. I seem to have forgotten how (if I ever knew) after Hubby retired from the AF over 6 yrs ago.

    I’d love to be able to make beautiful sugar flowers & decorations.

    As for learning crafting? Go to Wal-Mart & pick up a small ceramic cottage. Get some paints (same place) & brushes & have @ it! It’ll help. At least it certainly does for me!


  3. I’d like to learn how to forget the unimportant things. I can’t remember which direction the bobbin goes into the case (sewing stuff), yet I could probably draw you the tattoo that’s on B&on’s shoulder even though I haven’t seen or thought about him in about 4 years. I can remember really really useless trivia – but my kids’ birthdays, forget it.

    PS I also noticed a grammatical error on Jeopardy tonight, and I’m sure I’ll always remember that. The announcer guy said, “Returning champion, [insert name], with a grand total of two thousand one dollar.” Come on! Dollar!?!?!? Gimme a break.


  4. @ Mama Zen : I guess I should say I know HOW to knit, just not how to do it well, and why different stitches are needed beyond the obvious. I’m aware of how to thread a needle and could sew you a button or put two pieces of cloth together. But could I have been the genius behind my new bandanas or pretty shirt? Not so much.


  5. I’m with you on the languages. I’d love to learn to speak French. I’d also love to learn to sew and knit. Actually, I used to be able to sew, but it’s been years!


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