“I was going to exercise, but, see, my shower is broken…”

I was going to try out the workout DVD that I’m renting from Netflix – the 10 Minutes Solution Fat Basting Dance Mix (doesn’t that sound way cooler than sweating while jiggling?) but I can’t. Because my shower’s broken.

Now before you tell me, “Jen, that’s the worst excuse ever in the history of terrible excuses,” hear me out (read me out?) …

I called maintenance as early as I possibly could this morning (9:01am, office opens at 9) to report that our shower knob thing is almost impossible to turn on suddenly and that we have no control over temperature at all (which means I can’t bathe my son no matter how disgusting he gets, for fear of scalding his beautiful skin – never mind my skin). She (whoever she was) took down all my information and said she’d have someone come look at it ASAP.

But apparently ASAP doesn’t mean “before 2pm” because I’ve sat at home all day waiting (not that I wouldn’t have sat at home otherwise, but you know, if I weren’t waiting for them I COULD go out – we could be at the playground right now if it weren’t for this, you know?) and still no sign of someone who will fix my poor shower.

And now MM is “napping” and I could be trying out my DVD but there are two problems with this:

  1. If maintenance guy shows up, I’d rather he not show up in the middle of the sweating and the jiggling with lord knows what embarrassing music playing.
  2. If he doesn’t show up and I do get sweaty from all my jiggling, I can’t shower to clean myself off. And I mean MAYBE I won’t sweat, but if so that’s a pretty terrible workout and either way so not a risk I’m willing to take.

So there you have it – I cannot exercise today because my shower is broken.

– EDIT –

Success! Of sorts. The maintenance guy finally showed up and is fixing my shower. Which means if I do decide to exercise later (remind me to come up with another excuse in a minute) at least I won’t have to sweat and jiggle in front of a stranger.

So, what should my new excuse be?

4 responses to ““I was going to exercise, but, see, my shower is broken…””

  1. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : I could probably pull that off as I recently hurt my back – I could just say, “oh that pesky back is acting up again…”

    Hope your back feels better soon though!


  2. Jen Avatar

    You could use my excuse–I pulled my back out. I really did. It is killing me. So far no exercise for me this week. 😦


  3. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Mrs. Newlywed : And it’s true! I WOULD rather have wine! Great tip!


  4. Mrs. Newlywed Avatar

    I give you my always excuse:

    I think I’d rather have some wine…