Take This Meme And Shove It – Or Fill It Out, Too!

Georgie @ Decisionally Challenged

(Isn’t that the best and worst meme name ever?)

  1. What were you doing 10 years ago? Being fifteen? Um, let’s see, ten years ago I was living in Kentucky, doing the high school thing, dating somebody I’m sure, but who specifically, I couldn’t tell you. I’m sure I wasn’t doing much more than that either – how much do fifteen year old girls do?
  2. 5 Things on My To-Do List Today? finish the mail in form for my voter registration thing (have you registered to vote yet?), drink two more glasses of water, make dinner, read, get down with my bad self? I don’t know. I’ve already BEEN accomplished today, okay?
  3. What snacks I enjoy? What snacks don’t I enjoy? Cookies, chips, pretzels, pie, cake, ice cream, candy… I could snack you out of house and home.
  4. What would I do if I were to suddenly become a Billionaire? First I’d buy myself a home and both my husband and I new vehicles. Then I’d set up a retirement fund, education fund and fundy fund. Then I’d give generously to friends, family and charities.
  5. 3 Bad Habits I might be the laziest person I know. I’m also somehow a workaholic. Figure that out. Hmmm and… I eat too much junk food?
  6. 5 Places I have lived with my parents, with my husband’s parents, with my grandparents, in a dorm and in this apartment
  7. 5 Jobs I have had assistant to the payroll clerk at a store that sold satellite tv; sales girl @ DEB Shops; Merchandising Specialist @ Circuit City; every position possible @ my college newspaper; Children’s Manager @ a local bookstore
  8. 5 things peeps don’t know about me I don’t like peeps (not you, the “candy” – it’s gross); I make silly faces to myself when I write in my blog… like right now, see? Oh that’s right – you CAN’T see. HA!; I don’t think there is much else – I tend to tell it like I see it, and hide very little about myself. If it’s still hidden, there’s a reason.

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