Thursday 13: Making My List, Checking It Twice

I won’t tell you if I’ve been naughty or nice, but I will tell you the thirteen things I wouldn’t kick out of my Christmas stocking this year…

  1. My reasons for wanting a DS are so eco-savvy that you really can’t judge – no, I don’t just want to play video games, I want to save unnecessary paper waste by only filling out Sudoku puzzles and crossword puzzles on my DS – I know I could use my computer, too, but a DS is portable! And I can play games on it! And the proceeds of this one go towards Breast Cancer research so I can feel all proud and charitable while I use it.
  2. I know it might seem like a bit much to be asking for a Wii and a DS, but I’m considering it a one or the other deal, and a Wii has the added advantage of being kind of like an at home gym. Of course I’ll be needing a Wii fit to go with this, but that’s kind of a given at this point, right? Plus, everyone I know at this point seems to have a Wii, and if I don’t get one soon, my grandmother will probably beat me to it. Seriously.
  3. But you know with all that video game playing, I think it will be important to not get too lost in the virtual world and a new great board game would help with that. Balderdash is a classic. My best friend has it, which always makes me insanely jealous and I think it would be the perfect addition to our board game collection. We can use it to teach my two year old to lie. It would get put to good use, I swear.
  4. Every night my husband and I play this game where we trick the other person into giving up the one comfortable seat in the apartment. It isn’t our couch. If you bought us this couch for Christmas, maybe we could sit together like those cute couples who cuddle instead of saying things like, “Honey, could you get me a glass of water…….. sucker!!!” You’d be doing a service to our marriage is what I’m saying.
  5. Did you know Jack Johnson has a new CD out? I mean I think it’s been out for awhile, but I don’t own it, which makes it awfully new, don’t you think? I just love the Jack Johnson CD that we do have, but it’s rotation is permanently engraved in my mind, and I’m thinking it’d be fun to hear some of his new songs before my son starts humming “Banana Pancakes” in his sleep.
  6. What? A new car isn’t on your wish list? I know that the odds of someone getting me a vehicle on here are slim, but you never know if someone from Honda is out there reading people’s blogs wondering, “Who can I give a free CRV to today?” Mr. Honda Guy, that would be me. My poor little Corolla needs a rest and my poor husband and I need a trunk and <—- that trunk, looks perfect.
  7. If you won’t get me a Wii, will you at least get me an ellipitical machine – this one by Schwinn is going for under $500 which probably makes it the deal of century, don’t you think? And it features 12 workout programs with 8 computer-controlled magnetic resistance levels – which makes it awesome. If I had this, I wouldn’t need to diet, because I could use it as a kitchen table and eat while using it. Revolutionary? I think so.
  8. I had to put at least one book on this list and I think that book really aught to be Julie Andrew’s new autobiography. I think I’ve mentioned it before? I bet Julie Andrews has had an amazing life and I’d much rather read about it here than in a tabloid magazine – feels less snoopy and invasive that way. Who is this woman who can be Mary Poppins and Mia Thermopalis’s grandmother?
  9. This Kitchen Aid Mixer is actually on sale right now, but unfortunately, even on sale I’m unlikely to get it any time soon. But I swear, if I had one, I’d make my husband his favorite chocolate chip cookies all the time, and other yummy baked goods, too. With a Kitchen Aid, I’m pretty sure nothing could stop me. What kitchen appliance would make your life easier?
  10. I’d love a beautiful, everything matches dinner wear set someday and this one from IKEA looks beautiful (has anybody else noticed yet that I have a small IKEA obsession?). Isn’t it pretty? I just got gorgeous new drinking glasses from BJs so I really just want some matching bowls, plates, etc. Those striped ones are a must!
  11. We have the electronic version of LIFE and we love it – along with the many changes to the gameplay, the electronic “credit card” banking system is wonderful. Whenever I play Monopoly I almost always end up playing the banker, but not because I like it. It’s because NOBODY likes being the banker (as far as I can tell). Doing it electronically would mean more fun for everyone – nobody would be forced to be the banker and we could all get back to doing what we do best – buying every property we can find, hoping to get Park Place before the next person does, and pretending we have a strategy.
  12. Now that I’ve  gotten used to my husband’s Nikon D40, I sometimes wish I had a gorgeous camera like that of my own, so we wouldn’t have to take turns. And at the end of the day, I’m a Canon kind of girl, so I think if I were going to pick out something comparable to his D40 it would probably be this Rebel. What aspiring photographer girl doesn’t want a Rebel, I ask you? And this one is purty. It kind of looks like if my own lower end Canon Power Shot grew up, it might be this Rebel someday… I could have a Canon collection. It would be awesome.
  13. I saw a commercial for the iPod touch yesterday for the first time – I mean, I’ve maybe seen it before, but I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, yesterday I paid attention and my jaw dropped… and there might have been drool. It was love at first sight. At second sight, I saw the price, which is why it’s on this imaginary wish list and not in my Amazon wishlist instead. Isn’t it beautiful though?

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One response to “Thursday 13: Making My List, Checking It Twice”

  1. NiceOne Avatar

    Oooh That’s a good list! I want a new camera too. A GOOD one. Canon Rebel, drool drool. And a car.
    Boy Child got the Wii for his birthday and gosh, what fun that it. We just love it. Highly recommend it.