Taking Back The Night: A Mattress Story

Sunday afternoon we decided to stop by Sleepys to look at mattresses. We’ve been loathing our current mattress situation for two years now, my husband for six, as it was his mattress as a teenager and before we married. It was one of those BJs specials, where you get the entire bed, frame, mattress, box spring for like $100 or something. And it was crap for the two of us. I wasn’t sleeping. My back hurts like all the time. But we have expensive taste and we’d currently only looked at like the Temperpedic. We wanted to know what else was out there and how much we’d need to save to get a bed we could both like.

The guy at Sleepys was amazing – I know he was a salesman, but let’s just call him John The Best Salesman Ever. He first had us get a sleep profile with their Body Diagnostics System. It told us essentially what we already knew – that I’m the pickier of the two sleeprs, but that our body’s needs are a bit conflicting, go figure, me being 5’2″ with pain in the neck, middle back and lower back and him being 6’2″ with pain in the middle back only. But his middle back is like the size of my lower back, middle back and neck combined! So then the computer shot out three beds in a range or price and compatibility that should suit our needs. The first was  the Kingston Amazing $3,000 something or other. The last was a $600 decent mattress that put our current one to shame. John was totally hearing us when we said, “We want a new bed, but we’re poor.”

And we almost got that one, until he mentioned that a $1,600 mattress was currently on sale for $899. And did he mention the no interest 24 month payments we could make? No, he didn’t. For $48 a month we could own the mattress tomorrow. I’m sorry, $48? I was just telling my husband we should start putting aside $200 a week because we can. What’s 48 divided by 4? That’s right. We can afford that shit. We can start sleeping like champs tomorrow. Or make that yesterday, because we bought it and it was delivered at 7:15pm last night.

The delivery guys were really nice and efficient and did it way quicker than I could. They were one step ahead of me the whole time, which is probably normal since they do this for a living and it’s the first mattress I’ve ever bought (but not the first one I’ve ever moved. Ask me about moving mattresses. Go ahead, I dare you). They were in and out in ten minutes and we were able to make the bed, ohhh and ahhh and take picutres before Sarah Connor was even close to starting. If memory serves, we were done by 7:30 and watching the Simpsons, actually.

The bed? It’s amazing. It’s called the Miralux Splendor Plush aka Best Bed Ever. We also got these amazing pillows thrown in which cost us an extra dollar a month. Whatever. I’m sleeping like a champ. I know these no interest scams can be a bad deal, but that’s for the people who don’t pay their bills. We have no debt and will have no problem paying $48 – we’re planning to pay at least $100 every month and pay if off sooner. Christmas bonuses? That goes towards the mattress. We’re not fools. We weren’t sleeping. Now we are.

I think it was a wise investment. So let’s compare the before and after shall we?


I know it looks harmless, but let's remember- this mattress is the devil


there is a god, and he invented miraluxe splendor
there is a god, and he invented the miralux splendor

Last night I slept like a baby in a bed of clouds. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I didn’t sleep much better than normal, but I was comfortable while I was not sleeping and my back already feels better. I wasn’t sleeping because I’m getting a cold. The mattress can’t help that. And look how pretty it is. I wouldn’t have put sheets on it at all, except I’m afraid of staining it since we still don’t technically own it persay.

So… I’m a little nervous because I’m not normally one to do things like this, but I know we can pay $50 a month. And since we’re planning to pay $100 or more as often as possible, I don’t see us getting into much shennanigans with this. And we have the advantage of no prior debt at all. That’s gotta count for something. And in the meantime, my bed is a little slice of heaven.

The End.

By Jen E @ mommablogsalot

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I have been meaning to comment on this for like.. ever.. or the past two days. Over my pure jealousy. Did I tell you what that Darned Dog did to my bed? He got mad at us for closing him in our bedroom while we had guests over for an hour or so. So he ate my mattress. I don’t mean a corner of it or even a small portion. He chewed the very center of my mattress (through the sheets and comforter) and made a two foot wide, one foot deep HOLE in my mattress. I now have that filled with an older shirt or two with a sheet over it, but it’s the very center of the bed. So when sleeping there is NO avoiding this sucker. Marc and I will be buying a new bed as soon as we have funds to. Because our credit is wack right now.


@ Jen : I bet our mattresses were sisters back in the day, taken from the same nest, you know? Well you should find the sister of my new mattress, because she’s way nicer and doesn’t try to break my back at night. Did I mention $50 a month? I’m still waiting for the catch.


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