“The Dog Ate My Copy Of Jane Eyre,” And Other Lies

I know I was supposed to read Jane Eyre for this…

But I confess, bloggy friends, I didn’t finish it. Why?

Let’s play that game where I give three lies and one truth and you guess which one is the real reason I didn’t finish reading okay?

  1. I couldn’t finish my copy of Jane Eyre because after reading the first few chapters I got so enraged by her poor story of life as an orphan, that I convinced my husband to adopt a daughter with me. We got on the phone with an orphanage in England and adopted a ten year old girl who happened to be named Jane. We’ve been so busy getting used to life with a depressed ten year old girl that I simply haven’t had time to read. Yesterday some guy named Rochester showed up and keeps calling Jane his little pet. Should I ask him to leave?
  2. I didn’t finish reading the book because I was busy living inside of it. Apparently because of reading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, I now have the ability to jump inside of books simply by reading them. So after re-reading the chapter in the red room several times, trying to understand it, I found myself THERE trapped in the Red Room with Jane. I had a long talk with her aunt, explaining that the poor girl thought she’d seen her dead uncle and what kind of stupid aunt was she, and so I wasn’t able to finish your copy of Jane Eyre because in my copy the aunt comes to her senses, spanks her son, apologizes to Jane and well as you can imagine, they all lived happily ever after instead. Sorry.
  3. I didn’t finish reading the book because after about 150 tedious, overly descriptive only Nathaniel Hawthorne could appreciate this book pages, I decided that life was too short to be spent reading bad literature. Sorry Charlotte, but I’d rather go visit the Well of Lost Plots instead.
  4. I couldn’t finish reading my copy of Jane Eyre because my dog ate it. I was kind of sad, because where I was reading, Jane finally found a friend – you know Helen Burns, the dying chick who thinks dying is awesome? Yeah that was sad…

Can you guess which one is true?

So did you finish reading Jane Eyre? Make sure you write a post about it and link up here!

And remember, next month we’re reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. I’ll be sure to tell my dog to get a copy of his own this time.

10 responses to ““The Dog Ate My Copy Of Jane Eyre,” And Other Lies”

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    […] Jane Eyre I never finished. I really wasn’t enjoying it. It was kind of depressing me and I decided that life was too short to spend reading bad literature. I wrote more on that here. […]


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  3. Bluestocking Avatar

    I choose #3 as well. I did a character analysis. I’m not crazy about this book.



  4. Rochelle Avatar

    I choose #3!
    Definitely don’t waste your time if you’re not enjoying it! I haven’t given up on too many books, but those I have don’t deserve my time!


  5. Nise' Avatar

    Priceless! I have found that the books I read when I was in high school and hated, I have come to love EXCEPT The Scarlet Letter. I re-read it this Spring, still don’t like it.


  6. carol Avatar

    Good for you. I am currently thinking I could have had several really wonderful naps instead of reading Jane Eyre. I did love it in parts but for the most part I wish I had a dog I could have fed it too.


  7. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : I think it’s hard as a writer to suffer through a writing style that you don’t like. Because you know it could be different – you can imagine a better way. I liked the story as a whole, at least, the bit I read and the pieces that I know follow, but it was seriously Hawthorne all over again for me. Some people are better with short stories, like him, and I think Bronte would have been good at that also. Where details like that are truly important and can be appreciated in small doses. 😛


  8. Jen Avatar

    I really struggled with this book, but I will say that I’m glad that I read it. It is a beautifully written novel. It does get a lot better as the story goes on, but it definitely isn’t one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. I agree with you about it being way too wordy.

    Btw, this post cracked me up!


  9. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jennifer : I was a little nervous someone would say, “you aren’t allowed to post if you didn’t finish” but I thought there might be other people who didn’t finish and maybe just maybe my viewpoint would be not entirely alone. There are a lot of people out there who love Nathaniel Hawthorne – like my 11th grade English teacher. I’m not one of them, you know? Someday I’ll probably give Jane another go, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. 🙂


  10. Jennifer, Snapshot Avatar

    HA! The teacher gives you an A for effort. I’m glad you posted anyway.

    Honestly, had you read 30 or 40 more pages, you might have been hooked, but as I said in my review on 5 Minutes for Books, I too almost almost quit, and am not faulting anyone who did.