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I Owe My Unborn Children An Apology

I’m so sorry, future daughter of my imagination and creation of

Apparently our cute baby making skills have dried up after all our good luck with this one:

I thought that given all the good looking siblings your father has, that your odds would be better than this. I had no idea you’d be stuck with your mother’s forehead and the face of an old lady. So I appologize, on the off chance that I somehow manage to concieve you that you’ll be stuck with such a good looking big brother, for he’ll only make it that much more obvious how very ugly you are… But you do have a pretty name, that should count for something.

But if it makes you feel any better, your unborn baby brother didn’t fare much better:

I’ve been seeing this everywhere lately, but most recently on Allie’s blog @ The Pink Potpourri, who had much better luck than me!

By Jen E @ mommablogsalot

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3 replies on “I Owe My Unborn Children An Apology”

Your son is one of the cutest little guys I’ve ever seen. I say that to myself every time you post pictures of him, but I don’t say it to YOU often enough. And I know as parents that’s something we never tire of hearing! 🙂 He really is adorable, and you’re right–history speaks for itself. Have more! 🙂


@ Jen : I figure history speaks for itself. My son is pretty cute and my husband comes from a long line of good looking people. It’s gotta count for something – haha


My husband and I got one of these preview thingies done in a photo booth in Vegas a few years before we had kids. One of the pics it spit out had a kid in a HAT. WTF? Either the machine was too lazy to figure out the hair, or it was suggesting that our kid’s hair would always be in need of a hat.

Turns out both our kids have decent hair and only wear hats when they WANT to. So your daughter might not have a giant forehead at all! I say try anyway. 🙂


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