I Owe My Unborn Children An Apology

I’m so sorry, future daughter of my imagination and creation of MakeMeBabies.com:

Apparently our cute baby making skills have dried up after all our good luck with this one:

I thought that given all the good looking siblings your father has, that your odds would be better than this. I had no idea you’d be stuck with your mother’s forehead and the face of an old lady. So I appologize, on the off chance that I somehow manage to concieve you that you’ll be stuck with such a good looking big brother, for he’ll only make it that much more obvious how very ugly you are… But you do have a pretty name, that should count for something.

But if it makes you feel any better, your unborn baby brother didn’t fare much better:

I’ve been seeing this everywhere lately, but most recently on Allie’s blog @ The Pink Potpourri, who had much better luck than me!


  1. Your son is one of the cutest little guys I’ve ever seen. I say that to myself every time you post pictures of him, but I don’t say it to YOU often enough. And I know as parents that’s something we never tire of hearing! 🙂 He really is adorable, and you’re right–history speaks for itself. Have more! 🙂


  2. @ Jen : I figure history speaks for itself. My son is pretty cute and my husband comes from a long line of good looking people. It’s gotta count for something – haha


  3. My husband and I got one of these preview thingies done in a photo booth in Vegas a few years before we had kids. One of the pics it spit out had a kid in a HAT. WTF? Either the machine was too lazy to figure out the hair, or it was suggesting that our kid’s hair would always be in need of a hat.

    Turns out both our kids have decent hair and only wear hats when they WANT to. So your daughter might not have a giant forehead at all! I say try anyway. 🙂


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