Holding Shiva: RIP Freddy the Hamster

RIP Little Freddy the Hamster

Even though he smelled bad, he will be missed.

March 2008 – October 2008

I have so much I wanted to blog about today but it all seems trivial now. I’m in mourning people. I should be holding Shiva or something. Not yelling at toddlers and trying to decide what to post for Aloha Friday. Not filling out memes and yelling at toddlers. Not wondering what we’ll do this weekend and yelling at toddlers. Not yelling at toddlers and wondering if it’s lunchtime yet. I’m in SHIVA. I should be showing my respect like this:

I know, I suck at mourning properly. I’m not really sure how to go about it. Do I bake muffins a la Izzie or lay in the bathroom in a prom dress a la Izzie? Freddy was my first real death – I’ve never had to bury a pet before and haven’t had a truly loved one pass away yet. I’ve had family members die, but they were people I barely knew or was too young to understand. I’ve had pets “disappear” and you know, you assumed, but this was different. I cried. I berated myself mentally for not crying enough. And I wholly blame myself for his death. How do you deal with that? How do you go on from knowing your kind of a murderer (I’m being harsh, but only a little). I know more about myself from this small experience. We won’t be fish owning hamster owning people. We can’t do the pet in a cage thing. I can’t care for something in a corner that makes no noise, it just won’t happen, I’m not that person. But I feel terrible and he will be missed. Now I will have more mourning experience in life than one or two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. So there’s that.

Oh well, time for a playdate, and life goes on. RIP Freddy.

14 thoughts on “Holding Shiva: RIP Freddy the Hamster

  1. @ Sues2u2 : We don’t want another pet NOW, but our next pet will likely be a dog. We clearly don’t do well with caged animals, it’s too easy to forget about them, I know that sounds horrible, but it’s true. I killed a cactus once, so you know I mean business. We’re in an apartment right now so a dog wouldn’t happen just yet anyway, oh well…

    We’re sorry too but also glad that we could take care of it without MM noticing and that he hadn’t grown TOO attached.


  2. Sorry about Freddy but in response to your last comment “Our next Freddy will be a dog” I have two. Want one? Seriously? One barks @ the wind & the other, well, you can’t have him. Of course I can’t give you Rex either. The kids would kill me. Hmmm. Are you sure you want a pet? How about a lizard? Or a spider? I even have a scorpion or centipede or two (or more) that you can have. Any takers?

    I really am sorry that your hamster died. @ least MM isn’t upset.


  3. @ Jen : Yes but there were muffins and she looked gorgeous the whole time. I figure if I’m mourning the least I could ask for is to look gorgeous and that there be muffins.


  4. Sorry for the loss of your cute little hamster. Do not look to Izzie for lessons on how to mourn. She went a bit overboard.


  5. @ Rochelle : They did it on Grey’s Anatomy and I think it’s a really good idea, so I’m adopting you. You like Jewish weddings, I like Jewish mourning. We can be Jewish together.


  6. @ Jen : For the most part he doesn’t really know. We tried to explain it to him but he kind of didn’t get it, although at one point he told me he wants a puppy now which made me laugh. I’m taking it harder than him though.


  7. Sorry about Freddy. How are the kids taking it? I usually take my cue from them. When we lost our beta fish (twice)…the kids seemed to be sad but later that day were talking about how he was back in the “ocean” and could they get another pet.


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