Pieces of Eight

Kindly borrowing this meme from P-Dub @ Flowers and Frills since my workout DVD won’t be here for another day, it’s naptime and I have time to kill, and you know that means random meme time!

8 favorite TV shows

(like P-Dub, I’m only listing shows currently airing)

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Bones
  3. Ugly Betty
  4. Fringe
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  6. America’s Next Top Model
  7. Private Practice
  8. Sarah Connor Chronicles

8 Favorite Restaurants

  1. Olive Garden (my husband proposed to me there so it’s a pretty special and yummy place for us)
  2. Pizzeria Unos (their pizza skins are out of this friggin’ world)
  3. Subway, way down on the cheaper scale but we both love the sandwiches there)
  4. Applebees (We went here the first night of our Honeymoon, feeling all out of town and wanting something familiar because we were too tired to look for something new. And I love their dessert menu and their half portion lunch options!)
  5. Wendys (I know, talk about Fast Food, but if we’re going cheap, I’d much rather Wendys over any other burger joint. Prices are nice but they don’t skimp on quality like some McFranchises)
  6. Texas Roadhouse (okay so really I’m only in it for the bread, and they are sooooo over priced, but have you HAD their bread? Because it’s amazing. I went eight years without having any and could still remember exactly how it tasted before having it again finally – just recently actually)
  7. Friendly’s (I used to love eating here as a kid, and although the prices have gone up and some of the quality just isn’t the same, I love their ice cream and their super melts are still really good!)
  8. This is hard! We don’t go out to eat much anymore so I’m really digging deep in the memory bank here… hmm… Outback Steakhouse – kind of like Texas Roadhouse in that it’s for one thing and it’s not something you’d expect… their ice cream sundae is out of this world. Like to die for. Truly.

8 things that happened yesterday

  1. We did laundry
  2. MM learned how to open his little ball that you put the different shapes in and then yeah…
  3. MM napped (unlike today)
  4. We had frozen pizza and mozzarella sticks and jalopeno poppers for dinner!
  5. We found out MM actually LIKES jalopeno poppers, which I wasn’t expecting
  6. We mostly finished MM’s Halloween Costume
  7. We paid bills!
  8. I finally got my blog design finished (for now)

8 things to look forward to

  1. naptime (he can fall asleep any little minute now)
  2. Halloween
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Christmas (yes I’m aware I’m stealing all your answers here P-Dub, sorry)
  5. Potty training!
  6. MM’s third birthday
  7. Preschool!
  8. Camping!

8 things I love about fall

  1. the weather is not too hot or too cold (for the most part)
  2. gorgeous red and yellow and orange leaves everywhere
  3. pumpkin picking, apple picking, picking picking
  4. Trick or Treat!
  5. Baking pies for the holidays and other baked goods, too!
  6. Egg Nog hitting the shelves at the supermarket (finally)
  7. wearing pretty scarves and sweaters
  8. life is a bit less crowded now that everyone else is back in school

8 things on my wishlist

  1. A BABY
  2. A Wii (and Wii Fit, Wii Sports & Wii Music)
  3. An eliptical machine (I can dream, right?)
  4. A HOUSE
  5. A NEW CAR
  6. A kitchenaid mixer
  7. A trip to Europe
  8. Can I just have the house?

8 people I am tagging

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  3. Andrea @ Red Knows How
  4. Jen @ Stuff Jen Says
  5. Jean @ Working Momma 247
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  8. Jen @ Our Daily Big Top


  1. mommablogsalot says:

    @ Jen : No I should rephrase that I’m looking forward to him BEING potty trained. 🙂


  2. You’re really looking forward to potty training…for real? It was such a process for me and all 3 kids that I can’t imagine anyone being excited about it. You’re probably a lot more patient. Good luck!


  3. mommablogsalot says:

    @ Patrice : I’m sure you’ll catch up soon and I thought you’d like this one for an easy blog session 🙂


  4. mommablogsalot says:

    @ Mama Zen : We just saw the commercial last night and were like in LOVE!


  5. Mama Zen says:

    I’ve got Wii music on my wishlist, too!


  6. Patrice says:

    Thanks for the tag!! I have been tagged all over the place lately I have to get caught up on all my tags!!


  7. mommablogsalot says:

    @ Vered : I know what that’s like!


  8. mommablogsalot says:

    @ Jen : I’ve been productive in blips today with a lot of shameful slacking for the most part. Horray for memes though!


  9. OK, I’m done. That was harder than I thought it would be! I ended up being pretty worthless work-wise so I still have had a very unproductive day. Shame on me. 🙂


  10. Laundry. Yep. I did that too yesterday. In fact, I seem to be doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY lately. 😦


  11. mommablogsalot says:

    @ Jen : Take your time 🙂 Real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way sometimes, huh? 😛


  12. Jen, I’m working on this… my morning somehow disappeared and I have GOT to get something useful done, and then I’ll get right back to fun bloggy/meme stuff. Promise!


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