My son hasn’t gotten into too many new books since last month’s kids picks a great book carnival @ 5 Minutes For Books EXCEPT this little gem that I picked up at Target in the $1 bin…

He immediately seemed to know that these little guys were “monsters” in a big scary silly voice, though I’m not sure where he learned about monsters in the first place, it’s hilarious to hear him read this. I guess that means it’s hilarious to hear ME read this, since I read it to him first and he now imitates me, but the cool thing is he seems to remember each page, each voice and I think he really gets the idea of the opposites on these pages. Here’s an example from MM The Future Hand Model…

He loves to turn the book upside down on THIS page to show me how it works – how did he figure this out because I’m pretty sure I didn’t teach him that, much like I didn’t teach him his ABCs. This genius little two year old seriously taught himself. I honed it all in, but really, he was the mastermind there. And here. I’m so proud… sniff…

This book is awesome and a short quick read and so fun to make silly voices with. Did I mention it was a DOLLAR?

I’m trying really hard not to show you every page because there must be some copyright thing against that but all the pages are so adorable and my son just LOOOOOVES this book. Here’s him showing you what a grumpy frumpy looks like…

Sort of… He kind of smirked right when I took the picture but trust me, he was Grumpy Frumpy at it’s finest.

What books is your kid reading this month? If you blog about it, make sure to link up here, and also let me know in the comments section!

9 responses to “Kids’ Picks: Grumpy Frumpy! Happy Snappy!”

  1. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ CamCam : I picked mine up at a Target in their little dollar bins section, I’m not sure where else you’d look for it. I wondered the same thing! 🙂


  2. CamCam Avatar

    First off, I’d like to say that I’m not a parent or an infant (just a highschooler), but that doesn’t stop me from loving this book. Discovered it in the doctors office and basically fell in love with it. Been on my top 10 list ever since (up there with Tolkein and Herbert). Adorable, Hilarious and really trippy (I can spend hours turning the monsters right side up again). I’d like to get it but I can’t find it anywhere online. Any suggestions?


  3. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Deanna : You should totally check. Since it’s still before Halloween they might still be selling it!


  4. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Callista : You are so right, he really does keep turning it around just like you described, but I think he might get it, because he’ll kind of make a face when he’s turning the page but the book is upside down still, like he knows it’s wrong… I don’t know but Great insight! Thanks!


  5. Deanna Avatar

    This book looks so cute and fun! I wonder if my Target has it in the $1 bin. It is great when little gems are found.


  6. Callista Avatar

    I just posted my first Kids’ Picks tonight, my daughter is 2.

    As for knowing to turn the page over, it’s actually an innate thing. Every child goes through a phase where if they see something upside down in a book, they will turn it over trying to figure it out. This book would drive my 18 month old nuts because she would keep turning it over and over and over and then whine because she can’t get both pictures the right way. It’s normal.

    Your son is cute by the way!


  7. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : yeah I bought it a couple of weeks ago so it’s a toss up whether it will still be there or not but we LOVE it!

    I just added Monster Mess to our to read list, haven’t heard of that one!


  8. Jen@OurDailyBigTop Avatar

    What a great find! Whenever someone blogs about a great $1 in Target, I head over there and I swear it’s empty. 🙂

    We love the library and right now my little guy’s favorites are Monster Mess and Llama Llama Mad at Mama.


  9. Jennifer, Snapshot Avatar

    I love this carnival too. I sure hope it catches on, although even if we just have a handful each month, I guess that’s okay.

    I LOVE little gems that I find in the dollar bin. We have some favorite books that we’ve acquired in that way as well.