Bulleted Posts Are Great For a Sinus Headache (I Hope)

  • Game night last night was basically a bust. Only one person showed up, and you know if I hadn’t been baby sitting her kid all day and she hadn’t had to pick him up… I might have been eating homemade pizza, artichoke dip, pumpkin bread & chocolate chip cookies by myself. Kind of kicking myself for getting so many supplies for last night at BJs in bulk. (A lot of other people had been “planning” to come that had to back out at the last minute. At least that’s what they told me) I know we keep calling it game night and then not playing games, but the pizza is good right? And our company? I’m hoping it doesn’t completely suck. I hope some of our friends will show up next month when I make apple pie and pretend it’s Thanksgiving. APPLE PIE.
  • I have some kind of sinus blech. Drugs are all, “taken but not yet accounted for.” I have all these errands to run but everytime I step in a store to buy something I’m like, “I don’t care. Whatever.” Doesn’t make it terribly easy to be accomplished.
  • I know I’m like the least crafty person in the universe but I decided to take up quilting. My husband is learning so many crafts and cooking so well that I’m a bit worried I have competition. If he can be the man and do the stereotypical woman’s work, what will I do? I can’t change a carburetor (not sure I’m supposed to) or knit. I don’t want my Vagina Permit taken away so I figure it’s time to learn a new trade. An expensive sexist trade that ends with me having something warm and cozy to snuggle with in case my husband leaves me for someone who knows how to knit. Or you know, because I’m a perpetually cold person.
  • I finished reading The Well of Lost Plots! Hurray! I loved it and I plan to write a review this week when my eyes aren’t rolling into the back of my head.
  • Since I had to eat almost all that yummy food by myself I’m guessing my little “diet” was shot to heck. So don’t be surprised if I’m in a bad mood after weigh in tomorrow.
  • I’ve got another surprise to talk about this week that probably won’t ACTUALLY interest most people unless of course, they are doing the same thing I’m doing… I’ll stop being cryptic just as soon as I’ve begun enough to know I won’t be quitting because I’m too lazy to knock on wood. So you’ll just have to wait. It’s like a cliff hanger – it keeps you coming back for more, right?

4 responses to “Bulleted Posts Are Great For a Sinus Headache (I Hope)”

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  2. Amanda Avatar

    Ugh. I totally missed game night to let Alex go to a Godsmack concert without me. double bummer 😦

    Plus we’ve been getting over sore throat runny noses, so I dont’ think you’d want that. ick.

    If you have game night tonight, I could come 😛

    I’m thinking of doing something Saturday. You interested?


  3. Andrea Avatar

    So I am one of those awful people who had to back out of game night. And now I feel like an even bigger ass. Ugh, I promise to try to be better next time. Let’s just say finances arent pretty and yeah… But I love you, you know!!


  4. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    Sorry about the busted game night. If I was even remotely close I would crash game night just to try the pizza. 😉

    Love a cliff hanger can’t wait to know what that’s all about.

    I feel so unproductive and bored today…probably because I finished New Moon in freaking 48 hours. Now I’m empty handed on the reading thing again. 😦