Looking Fine 2009: Week 9


Our fearless leader, Jen is switching to a new server and is currently the opposite of up and running and she’s unsure when things will be running, but guesses it won’t be today. She’s asked me to make note of that for any LF2009 participants looking to link up; you can leave a comment HERE with a link to your post (I’d put up a Mr. Linky but I’m not as cool as Jen and I’m not quite sure how yet) and Jen can either read them here, otherwise I’ll email her later tonight with anyone who weighed in today. Kay?

So yeah, on to more bad news. I gained almost five pounds (4.8). To be fair, I totally deserved that and maybe last week was the world’s biggest fluke. I kind of ignored my diet last week. I did exercise three days with the Pilates DVD that I reviewed here, but my water intake was sketchy at best (phrase of the week!) and the snackage? Let’s just say I indulged. Frequently. And did I mention the Game Night in which nobody came and it’s now up to me to eat all those snacks because dh is on a diet and he’s much more dedicated than I am. It’s like in his genes or something. Soon it’ll be in his jeans when he actually loses weight and makes me look like an idiot. Then I’ll have to kick it into high gear before his work hires him a secretary, because we all know how that would end.

So let’s review: Did not try. Did not lose weight. Did discover pretty good Pilates workout, but thanks to Netflix and my decision to return the DVD, I’m not sure when I’ll get another DVD to try (with a 2 at a time plan, holding onto it seemed like a bad idea).

I’m thinking maybe I should buy a DVD but I’m waiting to find one that I really love and hoping we come into posession of a Wii before that (which is about as likely as us coming into posession of a house any time soon).

My goals for this week:

  • Stop being sick (did I mention I’m sick? Leave chicken soup in the comments section below)
  • Drink MORE water.
  • Snack… less…. ish
  • Sabotage dh’s diet so mine will look better. “Look sweetie, I tripped, fell and made you your favorite chocolate chip cookies?” ::innocent smile::
  • Do something active at least once this week.

That’s all for now folks. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in my comments section so I can forward them to Jen, our fearless leaderette @ Daily Mish Mash.

5 responses to “Looking Fine 2009: Week 9”

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  2. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : I really hope this sick kid thing subsides soon because dh has it, too, so neither of us can pick up the slack, we both just stare at each other and go “ugh” – no fun.

    hope your blog feels better soon, too!


  3. Jen Avatar

    First of all, thank you so much for posting the disclaimer on your blog. I will go around to the regular participants and let them know that you are hosting it this week.

    I just started getting sick this weekend too and I have been snacking and drinking non-stop (and I don’t mean water because that would be like swallowing knives). I’ve been switching back and forth from tea to juice. I am trying to flush whatever I have out. It is not good for my diet.

    Hope you feel better!


  4. […] she’s unsure when things will be running, but guesses it won’t be today. She’s asked Jen at momma blogs a lot to make note of that for any LF2009 participants looking to link up; you can leave a comment there […]


  5. Amanda Avatar

    So, the scale says that I still weigh the same, but I can see a little weight loss in my face (or wishful thinking) when I look in the mirror.

    I’ve been walking 3 miles twice a week (to the library and at the zoo). I rode my bike 10 miles into Providence for a business meeting, which was a big deal for me. I roller skated around the neighborhood twice (total of maybe half a mile) to train for roller derby…

    Overall, my activity level has been super high, bringing water consumption up.

    I still feel like a blob and none of my clothes fit right.

    Is it cheating on Alex if Justin (yes, that Justin) comes down and helps me with sit ups? I know the answer is no…but it feels wrong…sigh.