Your Weekly Political Video

Have you had your daily political video yet? This one isn’t funny like the ones I normally post, but I’m pretty taken with it nonetheless and it’s a short and to the point message:

Thanks to Jen @ Stuff Jen Says for posting this on her blog where I saw it first.

Remember, next Tuesday is Election day!

2 thoughts on “Your Weekly Political Video

  1. @ Jen : My husband and I are kind of going to cancel ourselves out and I think it’s funny that that doesn’t bother us (our relationship anyway). Vote by mail would be lovely, but I’ll make do driving the 2.5 minutes to our polling place. 😛


  2. Oregon does vote-by-mail and I just finished filling out my ballot. It feels good to have it done, but felt AWESOME to fill in the oval next to Obama. I’m totally cancelling out my a-hole neighbor’s vote. Heh heh heh…


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