Looking Fine By 2009: 8 Weeks To Go!

I’ve lost two pounds since my last weigh in and I’d like to tell you it’s because I’ve been drinking loads of water and working out and being all sorts of productive, but I really think any fluctuation in my weight is just a fluke. In fact, if you look at my starting weight and my weight today, I’ve actually gained 2 pounds. I like to waver in and around this little 5 pound range and feel proud of myself or disappointed in myself accordingly. It’s my thing.

And some things need to change. I have eight weeks to make a real change my life – and then a lifetime to reap the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle with good eating habits and the tiny waist to show for it – that could be mine if I had any kind of will power or commitment. So far? I can honestly say that some nights I snack less when thinking about the upcoming Monday weigh in. And that I do drink more water than I used to, but that isn’t really saying much. So let’s make some goals shall we?

  • Netflix just launched a version of the Play It Now feature that should work on my Mac (in beta) – and a good handful of workout videos are available for that feature so instead of waiting on the mail and blaming my lack of activity on my mailman, I’m going to stick to videos in that section and workout right in front of my Mac, whenever I have the time – aiming for at least 15 minutes of activity every day, like our fearless leader Jen.
  • Drink 3 glasses of water every day, even on the weekends.
  • Eat my modest pile of Halloween candy as quickly as possible so that it will be gone from my sight.

How about you? Are you making any progress or coming to any big realizations about changes you should be making? Jen @ Daily Mish Mash made this comment on her post this morning:

I had 57 people comment on the original post and most said they were going to participate in the challenge, however I’ve only had about 7 or 8 people checking in each week. I’m thinking we need to rededicate ourselves to our goals.

If you are participating in this challenge, make sure you are linking up your posts over @ Jen’s blog via the Mr. Linkey or leaving a comment if you are doing the challenge minus the blogging about it bit.

3 thoughts on “Looking Fine By 2009: 8 Weeks To Go!

  1. Thanks for being so faithful with your check-ins. My weight seems to be fluctuating in that same 5 pound range so I understand your “thing”. I will check my weight again next week, and although I do hope it goes down, I’m more concerned with toning up, having more energy and just feeling healthier. I think that is the key. Good luck this week!


  2. @ Carol : lmao the chocolate is wonderful and it least I haven’t gained any weight from eating so much of it! That’s gotta count for something, right?


  3. I don’t think it was a fluke.

    I think the chocolate I sent you has magical fat burning powers.

    Well if it did by now I’d only weigh like 8 pounds.


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