Happy Birthday To You – Happy Birthday To You – Happy Birthday D.H. – Happy Birthday To You!!!

My husband wanted one thing for his birthday this year (well I’m sure there are other things he wouldn’t mind, but this was the one thing he asked for): My homemade chocolate chip cookies. I haven’t made them for a year or two now – at least not since we moved into this apartment – the first time in our marriage that I haven’t had a Kitchen Aid stand mixer to use while making them. He’s asked every so often, and I’ve told him in no uncertain terms, “Not until you buy me a stand mixer.” Not that that’s happening anytime soon.

But I decided for his birthday this year that he deserved some sweat and tears and chocolate chips from yours truly, so I set about making them today during MM and SB’s “nap” – I used a hand mixer which was remarkably less difficult than I’d imagined, making me feel a little silly and a little guilty for avoiding this for so long. But seriously, who knew? And in other news I think my hand mixer is broken – something inside it was shaking around and I’m guessing that isn’t normal? Anyone have that happen to their mixer?

I made half the batch and froze the rest of the dough which I’m thinking was a really good idea because, well, I haven’t tried them yet, but I think I’m disappointed. It’s clearly been awhile and I failed to trust my instinct and I think I overcooked them. Now you should know that my idea of overcooked is a little different from the average person – it’s possible that I’ve never actually burned anything in my life because I really dislike overcooked food, so it just never gets that far – I’m not gloating, it might actually be an unhealthy obsession – what I mean in regards to the cookies anyway, is that an hour after cooling on the racks they were not soft to the touch and the bottoms are a little browner than I like them. But I like my cookies super soft – even 10 days later soft – so I’m hoping for a miracle, because geeze, what a waste of elbow grease. But like I said, I saved some of the dough so I may try the baking part again in a couple weeks and make him think I’m a Domestic Goddess for whipping out another batch for no apparent reason.

And you know, he’ll probably love this batch, as he isn’t nearly as picky as me, and who knows? Maybe they are magically moist on the inside? I’ll find out tonight when I indulge in one or two and hopefully not twelve. Part of me wants to accidentally forget about counting calories tonight but I’m doing so good right now with my diet that I’d hate to blow it all on some possibly overcooked cookies. Even if I did find myself covered head to toe in flour making them and refrained from licking a single morsel of that cookie dough. My will power has been surprising me lately.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re having Birthday Cake #1 with my folks, then my dad is watching MM for the night while I take dh out for dinner and a movie. Then Sunday is Birthday Cake #2 with dh’s parents. It’s like a weekend-long birthday extravaganza – nothing but the best for my favorite husband.

What are your plans for the weekend? If you could have any present for your birthday, what would you pick?

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To You – Happy Birthday To You – Happy Birthday D.H. – Happy Birthday To You!!!

  1. While you’re probably getting ready for your Thanksgiving feast, I’m baking a chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake for an early Christmas party!


  2. What are the plans I have to do or that I’d like to do?=) I’d love to just sit at home in front of the fireplace with my jammies, a book and a cup on hot chocolate=)


  3. @ Jean : re: Twilight – I don’t know yet! He says it’s “on his list” but his big stipulation is that he wants to decide when we get there – which means there is a chance he won’t choose it AND a chance it will be sold out – but it’s not a big theater for teens, so maybe?

    At least if my hand mixer is broken those aren’t very expensive to replace.


  4. I’ve burned out two hand mixers in a years time. It may have been due to the fact that these blenders were 20 plus years old and weren’t used at the capacity that I was trying to use them.

    Happy Birthday to you hubby!

    My plans for the weekend are science fair projects and baking pumpkin bread.
    Are you gonna take hubs to see Twilight, cause I’m sure he’s dying to see it? 🙂


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