It’s time for another Aloha Friday, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blogland anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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Today is my husband’s birthday (::waves:: Happy Birthday Sweetie!) so I thought for today’s Aloha Friday we could all share some cyber birthday cake and ice cream and celebrate his big day together! But since this is cyber space and not my kitchen of limited possibilities, I want to make sure everyone gets their favorite kind of cake and ice cream – ever – nothing but the best for all my bloggy friends (and you know, the dh who will be getting chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese frosting AND my homemade chocolate chip cookies – aka jackpot). So what I want to know is…

What’s your favorite kind of cake AND ice cream?

17 responses to “Aloha Friday: Cake & Ice Cream”

  1. Rach (Heart of Rachel) Avatar

    Belated Happy Birthday to your husband.

    I love pistachio ice-cream and blueberry cheesecake.


  2. Janet F Avatar

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    I love deep dark Chocolate cake and icing.


  3. jenni jiggety Avatar

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

    I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting AND! chocolate ice cream!


  4. Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries Avatar

    I am a huge fan of Tres Leches cake (I call it soggy cake). It is just great. I’m not sure if it is available all over or just in the Tex-Mex restaurants in the Houston area but if you ever see it on a menu and haven’t tried it you must.

    As far as ice cream goes I love ben and jerry’s Chunky Monkey. Yum.


  5. Sherry Avatar

    Carrot cake and vanilla ice cream, yummy!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby.


  6. Jen@OurDailyBigTop Avatar

    My favorite kind of cake is the yellow boxed kind with chocolate icing – my kids and husband make it every year for my birthday. Ice cream – I like them all 🙂


  7. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Andrea – Red Knows How : Ohhhh I love their birthday cake remix – I think I maybe want that and a nice flourless chocolate cake (think a more cooked version of chocolate stuff) for my birthday. That would be heaven. Thousands of Calories Heaven. 🙂


  8. Nancy Avatar

    Favorite cake is yellow cake with banana and chocolate pudding filling, with whipped cream frosting. Butter cream is ok, but whipped cream is sooooo much better.

    Favorite ice cream is Haagen Dasz Dulce de Leche.


  9. Andrea - Red Knows How Avatar

    I’m going to throw a loop here. And say that I love the cake batter icecream at cold stone creamy. Although, it’s probably like a gazillion calories. (a la sigh)


  10. dhw Avatar

    I love the version of homemade chocolate cakes. It’s a heartattack on a jelly roll pan!!!!!


  11. Cammi Avatar

    Happy Birthday dh!

    If I’m eating cake and ice cream together it would have to be warm chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. But if I’m eating them separate it would be cheese cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream!


  12. Sues2u2 Avatar

    That chocolate fudge cake sounds pretty darn good to me! How about a scoop of butter pecan to go w/ it?

    Happy Birthday to your dh!!! Have a great evening!


  13. Andrea McMann Avatar

    Hmmm…. Can I say ANY cake I can shove in my face?? No? Okay, I’ll pick one. I guess you can never go wrong with a homemade, from scratch chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting (homemade too of course). My favorite ice cream is probably Bunny Tracks by Blue bunny. YUM!


  14. Dee Avatar


    I like cookie cake the chocolate icecream with it!


  15. TheAngelForever Avatar

    I love the rainbow chip and frosting cakes that I used to have when a kid. They started to make them again and they are fabulous! Ice cream favorite is cookie dough, although I would just prefer the dough and keep the ice cream 😉

    Happy B-day to your hubby!


  16. Jen Avatar

    Any chocolate cake is my fav and Strawberry cheesacke ice cream is the one for me! =)

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!


  17. Julie From Inmates Avatar

    Yellow cake with chocolate icing with vanilla ice cream.
    However, if the cake is chocolate, I’d prefer white icing and chocolate ice cream. I’m full of quirks what can I say?