Looking Fine by 2009: FOUR Weeks To Go!

This past week was probably my biggest struggle since starting to really take this dietish thing seriously (by trying not to call it a diet). Thanksgiving and Game Night in one weekend. I did well Monday through Wednesday but I guarantee you I overate the rest of the week – I didn’t even really count all the calories, I knew the bad news. But I did manage to workout with Wii sports EVERY day – that’s seven days – easily winning me another Gold Medal:

So you may be wondering how badly I did – how much of a difference this whole Wii thing or calorie counting thing made this week – well I lost one pound. I think that’s pretty impressive for Turkey Day & Game Night Weekend. I was able to indulge a bit (but not too much actually, I tried very hard to be sensible) but paired with three good eating days, seven days of Wii (we played for HOURS on game night) and I lost a pound instead of gaining like I probably would have otherwise.

So here is my goal for the next week, now that things are slowing down a wee bit…

  • Continue to do the Wii workout daily but try to add one or two non-Wii workouts also, so as not to get dependent on this technological beauty. I’m thinking at least one real walk and I’m also going to try the Leslie Sansone walk at home video that my bestie Ange keeps talking about – there is even a video on line that I can watch at her website apparently!
  • I really want to stick to my diet ALL week and try to eat healthy and avoid hunger pains. That has been a tiny issue in the past weeks that I’d stick to my caloric intake but be starving all day, probably not getting enough protein and fat. So I may have to sacrifice a couple snacks at night in order to do this, but I think it’s important.
  • Really that’s it – I think I’ve got a good thing going I just need to STICK WITH IT. I’ve tried counting calories in the past and it’s a pain but I think where we eat fairly consistent foods it should only get easier. And the fact that I was able to fall off the wagon a bit this weekend but not completely fail really has me motivated. I like it.

How are your diets going? Anybody else still pumped to be looking fine by 2009?


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