Resolutely Resolving To … Do … Something …

I wasn’t going to do one of those resolution posts – I’m not sure resolutions work for me – typically they are just that thing you do because it’s January, knowing full well you’re going to blow them off. But you still feel racked with guilt when you do – blow them off. What’s the point? Why not just do your best without a plan or a goal or a resolution? Why do we need January to remind us to try harder in life?

But then I start feeling left out – everyone is doing resolutions. The parent in me whispers, “If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you do it, too?” The perpetual teenager in me answers, “Probably.” I’m kind of a follower – it’s my thing. And the truth is maybe I just feel lazy for not having a resolution all dreamed up and pretty and ready to go. I’d say, “lose weight,” but that’s kind of a duh factor. I was already trying to do that. And considering I’ll be pregnant until the end of July, that might not be my wisest resolution – there’s a fairly good chance it’s doomed to fail. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised.

I do want to eat better – or continue to eat better since I think I’m already doing a pretty good job compared to say me one year ago. But is that a resolution? It sounds more like a maintaining the status quo to me. So let’s see – if I were one of those Wonder Women who accomplished new exciting things, what would I plan to accomplish this year:

  1. Solve world hunger.
  2. Teach my kid to use the potty.
  3. Be beautiful. Instantly. Without trying.

I’m teasing myself, I know. I will say that I’d like to do more real cooking. I like cooking (shhh, don’t tell my husband) but lately I try to avoid it at all costs – why is that? I know my kitchen is cramped and tiny, but is that the problem or is there something else preventing me from whipping up some delicious?

I have already mentioned I plan to read 50 books this year and that I’m doing two reading challenges – the In Their Shoes challenge and the Romance Reading Challenge. Is that a resolution?

Can I say, “I resolve to have a baby before the end of the year” ? I would hope the odds of me failing at that are slim to none (knock on wood). Which would make it a huge cop out – but hey it IS a resolution I’m fairly sure I can keep.

So what am I saying? Am I making resolutions or resolving to avoid them still? I guess there is stuff I’d like to do this year – like buy that Canon Powershot I keep drooling about – and I will probably do some of it – but I can’t even bring myself to make a serious list. I just wanna, like, do good. Keep it real. Become a world famous Dooce-sized blogger (not really, I am so not ready for that yet).

I resolve to not suck.

How’s that?

How about you? Did you make a new years resolution? Tell me about it so I can be jealous of you.

7 responses to “Resolutely Resolving To … Do … Something …”

  1. Amy-Happy Momma Avatar

    No Resolution List here, unless continuing to improve day to day and love myself and my life more fit the bill. My goal as I put it is to look back on 2009 and say ah. I had a good year and I like what I see.

    Enjoy your year! And let us know when that little one starts their journey. 😀


  2. vivienne Avatar

    I have set myself some challenges for the year, rather than setting resolutions, that way I have all year to achieve them. If I set resolutions I all break them.


  3. Nancy Avatar

    I did a short list of goals instead of resolutions. Goals are specific, where resolutions seem too vague to me.


  4. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Toastqueen : It can be the Year Of Sucking Less – we can start a meme. 🙂


  5. Toastqueen Avatar

    I don’t really have any resolutions.
    To suck less is probably a goal I should have.
    To yell at Toby less.
    To eat better
    Yadda, yadda, yadda…


  6. Mrs. Newlywed Avatar

    I don’t really do resolutions.

    Love the new look by the way!


  7. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    I couldnt bring myself to doing a resolution post either. Its just setting myself up for failure. I figure I’ll just go with the flow and make little resolutions through out the year. Right now it’s just cutting back on the Dr Peppers. Its so easy to do that when you haven’t been grocery shopping in 3 weeks!