My Awesome New Breakfast Plan: Brought To You By The Biggest Loser

Friday I asked you all what you eat for breakfast, hoping for some kind of miracle inspiration – for a couple months now I’ve been subsisting on my Morning Sickness Breakfast of Choice – plain toast and tea. Basically – Bland with a Capital B. And now that my morning sickness has mostly faded, I was looking for something better and much more filling. The problem? I suck at breakfast. I don’t like eggs – really, I eat eggs about 3 times a year and 1 or 2 of those times, I’ll regret it. I love pancakes and waffles (too much?) but couldn’t eat them every day, especially when I’m trying to watch my figure (I know I’m pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I want to eat like an ass and gain another 75 pounds that I’ll never get back off). I love southern biscuits and gravy (again way too fattening) and the occasional corn bread (but I can’t seem to make corn bread that I like – only a small restaurant about 2 hours away makes it the way I like it, so really, why bother discussing it, am I right?).

But what I want – is a breakfast choice that is light, but filling and delicious and easy to tweak in new, interesting ways.

I’m sorry to say, you guys didn’t really deliver – a lot of you eat eggs, which is kind of an obvious choice – many of you eat cereal, something I’m never happy with consistently. I’m just not that person. Some of you don’t eat breakfast at all – I’d be joining you except I’d be starving if I ate nothing, especially while pregnant). With the exception of my friend Jean who commented:

A big old blue berry muffin and lots of fruit and maybe some bacon is my kind of breakfast…though I rarely ever get this for breakfast. I’m just not a big breakfast person. Its usually cereal..Cinammon Toast Crunch or a waffle. Pretty boring I know.

I think I could love this breakfast, but it’s actually too big for me – the muffin would be high in calories and not filling enough, the fruit on its own – not enough to fill me at all – and the bacon is a huge maybe – I know, I’m weird. But I kept thinking about my breakfast dilemma and this weekend I came across a solution in an interesting place – The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook – I have never watched The Biggest Loser (in fact up until this weekend I couldn’t figure out why the show was called Biggest Loser (as in losing weight, and not being a big fat loser) and thought the title was kind of insulting but now I’m all, ohhhh I get it – haha funny!), but my good bestie Ange @ Red Knows How loves the show and I saw this book while perusing our local Barnes’n’Noble and I thought, “I wonder what kinds of foods they’d recommend.”

And sure it was a lot of eggs and obvious stuff that I’m not going to eat, but there tucked in the back of the breakfast section of this book (there are sections for lunch, dinner and desserts, too – the book was really cool and I almost bought it – but the part that I found helpful for me – for breakfast – I knew I could remember and pick up at the store easily, so I decided to save my money for now) was it – the perfect solution. So here it is – my new breakfast plan, adopted from the hit tv show, The Biggest Loser:

Fruit’n’Yogurt, etc.

The Recipe:

  • 1 100 calorie serving of yogurt – I like Yoplait Light Apple Turnover
  • 1 or 2 small servings of fruit – I tried half of a small apple one day and half a banana and 3 strawberries (cut in halves) today
  • 1/4 cup of a high fiber cereal like Post Trail Mix Crunch (totally optional, I left it out this morning)

The banana strawberry recipe from the cookbook also drizzled some fat free / sugar free chocolate syrup on top, but I decided forgo that luxury, because too many sweet foods still don’t agree with me and BB Kumquat in the morning and I get plenty of chocolate fixes later in my day. But this little fruit and yogurt mix is delicious and filling – so far I haven’t even been able to finish these small servings, but I put what I don’t finish in the refrigerator and have it for a snack later in the morning. And it’s super light in calories and feels like a treat. Can’t beat that.

So if anyone else is looking for something new to eat for breakfast, I’d definitely recommend this and The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook for more healthy meal solutions. I think I might even start watching The Biggest Loser on tv. It’s on NBC at 8pm on Tuesdays.


  1. The yogurt breakfast sounds good! I should have checked your blog on Friday, I can’t remember why, but I didn’t use my computer much that day. (Don’t I have a horrible memory??) I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost daily. Easy, filling, and I think it’s good. I hate instant, though, and prefer the old-fashioned rolle doats, cooked stovetop. Takes less than 10 minutes, and I add raisins, cinnamon and a tablespoon of brown sugar.

    On a completely unrelated note, do you use a certain wordpress plugin to respond to comments via email? I still haven’t figured out how to do that, and I would LOVE to be able to!!


  2. Hilarious about Biggest Loser! When the show first premiered and I heard the title before knowing what it was I was pretty angry! Then when I heard the details, I was like, “Oh how cool! That’s awesome!”

    You could have a yogurt parfait for breakfast. Plain/vanilla yogurt layered between granola (you can make your own CHEAP) and whatever fruit you like! Since oatmeal (which is in granola) is amazingly good for you, it also keeps you full longer! Top it off with a glass of milk to make it a complete protein.


  3. @ Jenni : I have a love / hate relationship with oatmeal – some days I swear I love it, other days I seem to hate it with a passion… so it’s not reliable I guess you could say.


  4. I loooove french toast. sometimes I make it baked with half a can of pumpkin puree– just mix it in with the eggy batter and pour over the bread in a rectangular cassarole dish. I make it ‘healthier’ by using a majority of egg whites, skim milk, and whole wheat bread… and, I top it off with organic applesauce instead of maple syrup.

    I also eat lots of plain oatmeal with frozen berries thrown in–strawberries, usually– and a dash of brown sugar.

    Another quick baked option is to get the jiffy corn muffin mix and thrown in dried fruit (like chopped dried apricots) and 1/4 cup of quick oats for a slightly healthier muffin. remember of course that you’ll need to add a little more liquid if you add oats, though! 🙂



  5. so, I totally love that too. I’ve been doing a combo of the American Baby “lose your baby weight” diet and my own monster plan. They have a lot of eggs, cereal, oatmeal, bagels, pancakes and waffles (made from oatmeal). Then they’ll have yogurt as a snack later…so I swap things around.


  6. Jen, I love yogurt parfait, especially yogurt with berries and granola. One thing about the granola (or whatever cereal you choose) is that it helps the breakfast stay with you a lot longer. If you read the nutritional info on the cereal you can find one that’s as high in fiber as possible, and hopefully lowest in fat. Granola is surprisingly high in fat most of the time. This is a super easy, fast breakfast too. Nummers!


  7. @ Jean : I did see your comment and it was the thing that sounded best to me – but the yogurt really brings it all together for me to feel like a meal and not a snack, if that makes sense – and yeah the cereal was a really good touch!


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