Weekend Diversions: Flying Cars, Werewolf Pop Stars, Photshopped Beauties & John Mayer Entertaining on TV

It’s a car it’s a plane, it’s… a Terrafugia? Apparently we are a lot closer to the world’s first flying car than I would have anticipated – just watch the video below for more information and see this bad-assed vehicle in action – it’s pretty great.


Speaking of nothing related to flying cars, apparently Vanessa Hudgens really wants to be in the next Twilight movie, New Moon. Hudgens auditioned for the part of Leah Clearwater – can anybody see her in this role? This might be mean to say, but she seems maybe too pretty to be Leah – or maybe cute and bubbly is the right phrase? Either way, I don’t personally see it, but it would add another big name to the cast, which isn’t a terrible thing for a teen flick. I just hope people realize that New Moon is not a funny, cheesy romantic comedy at all – at least, I don’t remember it being that way, but maybe I’m wrong. ::shrugs:: Wouldn’t be the first time.


Has anybody else seen these ads that were “adbusted” in a Subway in Berlin? I think these are pretty terrific:

Gizmodo comments:

“Messing with ads in subways is becoming an artform, but this “Photoshopping” of ads in Berlin takes things to the next level by creating a Photoshop interface with stickers. This is pitch-perfect adbusting right here.”


Okay one last thing – some of you may have heard rumors about John Mayer getting his own tv show gig awhile back – well according to this article on People.com, it looks like the rumors are true. Johnny is going to have his own variety show on CBS with the goal to simply entertain people by using music to communicate and engage the audience. Whether the CBS project will evolve into a series or will be a one-time broadcast remains to be seen. Personally, I’ll take any opportunity to add more John Mayer to my day – I think he is truly an entertainer and that this could be awesome.

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  1. Hugdens would probably really attract for the teens. I agree book 2 is not a romantic comedy. Certainly would be interesting.
    I think I’ve got some spare change in my couch for that flying car. It really isn’t that bad a price, I suppose.


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