Aloha Friday: Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Burritos and Candy Apples

It’s time for another Aloha Friday, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blog land anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at An Island Life’s blog. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

This weekend my husband is taking me to a new Mexican place in town. I LOVE Mexican food, especially a really good Tex Mex, but in our area those restaurants are not always easy to find, so when a new one opened up nearby, I wanted to go like immediately, but settled for, “Well how about for Valentine’s Day?” and my husband being not an idiot, said, “Sure I’ll take you out for Mexican food on Valentine’s Day.” Because you know I could have asked to go to some five star restaurant or for jewelry or something. Nope, I just want an enchilada that’s not from Taco Bell. Please and thank you.

Afterwards we’re going to to this local Candy Mansion that I’ve never been to which is absolutely absurd because it’s literally like a five minute drive from where we live and I’m pretty sure everyone in the area has been there like half a dozen times in their life, including school field trips, except me and my son (but he’s two so he totally has an excuse unlike me).

So my diet will be ruined by delicious chocolates and tex mex goodness, but I will be one happy loved lady this Valentine’s Day!

So my question(s) for you this week are:

  1. Do you have anything fun planned for Valentine’s Day? Maybe an Anti-V Day for the single ladies reading? Do you purposely ignore the day or enjoy celebrating it?
  2. If you are a Mexican food fan like myself, what is your favorite dish to order at a Mexican restaurant? Dessert?
  3. If you are a fan of candy and chocolate like myself, what is your favorite indulgence of the sweet tooth variety?
  4. How many jumping jacks do you think I’d have to do to burn off all the calories I’ll be consuming tomorrow?

18 responses to “Aloha Friday: Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Burritos and Candy Apples”

  1. pinkjagxj Avatar

    I love Mexican food!!
    I could go for a good mexican meal right about now!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day.


  2. blonde1981 Avatar

    Oh fun questions!!!

    1. I am going to see Legally Blonde The Musical with my mom tomorrow. I didn’t think about it being Valentine’s Day when I picked the date for her to buy the tickets for.

    2. I absolutely LOVE Mexican Food and I’m so happy I’m in Houston. There is no shortage of any type of food here especially Mexican. My favorites are steak fajitas, queso with chips, and tres leches for dessert. So tasty!

    3. I am hooked on Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars with dried fruit and nuts in them. They are popular in England and my dad has brought them back for me a few times recently.

    4. I say just get on the elliptical machine for an hour and skip the jumping jacks. You’ll burn more calories that way and save some time.


  3. Janet F Avatar

    My plans are dinner and a movie.
    I love Mexican food and Chocolate.
    LOL I would say a ton of jumping jacks!


  4. Elizabeth Avatar

    1. No plans
    2. Cheese quesadillas
    3. I love anything with milk chocolate/chewy caramel.
    4. 1700, get started!


  5. One Anxious Mommy Avatar

    1) We don’t do much more than our usual, but with cheesecake, chocolate, and wine. Okay, we always have wine. 🙂

    2)I get chicken quesadillas or huevos rancheros. Does a margarita count as dessert?

    3) I have many indulgences. Ice cream is the worst offender.

    4) THOUSANDS. 😉 Start jumping now!


  6. Jean M. Avatar

    Hubs stated that we may now finally go to the mall after all my ranting and raving. We’re not making a big thing of Valentines.
    Fave Mexi food is enchiladas or fajitas depending on my mood. Tex Mex is a dime a dozen here and can be just as hit or miss as anywhere..sadly. Though I would never think to try Tex Mex up your way. It just almost seems wrong in a weird way.
    Fave dessert is always the sopapillas which are normally free for dessert.
    Fave chocolate is the Dove caramel squares..yumm..I think I’ll grab me a few right now.


  7. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Well, we’re heading to the big city to pick up Grandma & Grandpa from the airport.

    We’ll be eating @ the Claim Jumper (great food but not tex/mex. sigh).

    I love chimis, fajitas, taquitos, chile rellano & chicken poppers.

    Creamy dark chocolate, baby!

    It’s a calorie/fat free day all the way! So, none!!


  8. Louise Avatar

    Man, you make it hard having four questions like that. I don’t have any valentine’s day plans, just spending it with family, I LOVE Mexican food. Love it, my husband hates it, so I never get to eat it. Also, here in WA they can’t make it like they do in Texas. So, my favorite dish to oder is Sourcream enchiladas, Up here, they say, ok, chicken enchiladas with sour cream on them.

    no no no that’s not right.

    Dark Chocolate

    WAY TO MANY TO COUNT, ifyou’re like me. 😉

    I guess that wasnt so hard after all.


  9. TheAngelForever Avatar

    1. We do not really do Valentine’s Day either. We exchange a card and may go out to dinner in general. Too much $$ on things that you can get for a lot less any other time of year.
    2. Do not really have a good Mexican restaurant here, so no favorite. We so need a new one and Greek while we are at it.
    3. Chocolate chip cookie dough, with or without the ice cream is my indulgence.
    4. Good luck with that 😉


  10. Lori Downs Avatar

    Nothing special planned Hubbsa has to work but Ilovveeee fajita’s!!!!!!!


  11. Nina Avatar

    No valentine activity here. I wont go out on that day either because I hate crowds. Do love the mexican food, enchelada’s are my favorite. We have a mexican place that is new near us.. inside is not pretty but the food is great and they are always really busy.


  12. Tim (Perspective) Avatar

    Breakfast at an Italian bakery, shopping, dive into a nice chocolate shop, shop some more, Mexican or steak lunch, giving her a necklace and a card, watching a romantic movie at home, and cooking supper for her.

    I LOVE Mexican food and my favorite is huevos con chorizo. However, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Spanish food better.


  13. heather o. Avatar
    heather o.

    1. don’t really have any plans, though there was talk of going out for breakfast (though we do that often enough already).

    2. Not a big Mexican fan, but recently tried a new place next to our apt and there I do like the seitan tortilla wraps.

    3. oh geez there are too many! my faves are probably caramello, dark chocolate with candied ginger, and anything from gearhart’s in charlottesville.

    4. ohh who knows… probably would burn more calories chasing around the kiddo, though! 🙂


  14. vivienne Avatar

    No Valentines plans as no babysitter and nine year olds don’t go to bed early! That said we have exchanged presents and I now have a lovely £20 book voucher to spend.

    Mexican – would have to be fajitas – my all time favourite.

    Don’t worry about the excess calories – it is only one day of the year ( not counting Christmas, Mothers Day and Easter!)


  15. Jen Avatar

    Did you change your layout again? You crack me up with all the changes. I break into hives just thinking about the possiblity of changing my layout again. It was such an ordeal. It’s been months and it still isn’t right.

    So, to answer your questions–

    1. Our plans consist of dinner @ Cheesecake Factory (we have a gift card) and going to see Slumdog Millionaire (another gift card–woohoo!!). We really weren’t planning to go out but my mom offered to babysit so we figured we would take her up on it.

    2. Quesadillas. Don’t usually get dessert at a Mexican restaurant. Not sure why.

    3. Dark Chocolate!!

    4. How about 14 since it is Feb 14th. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!


  16. 3boyzmom (tangie) Avatar

    Hi! My husband and I have no Valentine’s Day plans….I guess we’re not into it! He is planning to make me a nice dinner though.. As for Mexican food, the best thing to order is cheese chiliquilas!! Yum!!! Or another fave of mine is super nachos!!! Check out my Aloha Friday post too!


  17. East Coast Wahine Avatar

    Dinner and a movie with my husband of 26 years!


  18. Nancy Avatar

    1. We don’t really “do” Valentine’s Day, I see it as another Hallmark holiday. That said, daycare is doing Parents Night Out tonight so we’re going to a local restaurant we’ve been to once before and enjoyed. The fact that they sent us a coupon was a mitigating factor in choosing this restaurant. For the actual day tomorrow, we’re not doing anything special.

    2. I love me some chimichangas, though they’re probably one of the least healthy things on the menu. For dessert, fried ice cream. Yum!

    3. Anything involving milk chocolate and peanut butter. Yum. Again.

    4. None – if it’s on a holiday (even if a Hallmark-invented one), then calories don’t count! Plus jumping jacks are bad for the baby. 😉