I’d Like You Guys To Meet…

My husband is an elusive kind of guy. He’s that wind beneath my wings, in the background guy. Back in my self hosted days, he was the  guy that had to drop whatever he was doing any million number of times that my server went down or something went wrong ( and it always did). He’s the guy who makes my coffee or tea in the morning and usually my breakfast, too, before running off to work where he sometimes seems to be more often than he is home. There in the morning when MM wakes up, back briefly before MM goes to bed. Still he’s an integral part of our day. He makes me sane, keeps me standing, and backs me up when it seems like no one else is going to (including me). He stays up later than he wants to listening to all my fears, worries, concerns and plans and tells me when I’m being silly and when I’m not. He’s often the man behind the camera of our life, rather than the one in the picture.

A couple weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers, Karen @ Write From Karen made the decision with her husband to announce his name to her blogging world. It was actually his idea – not wanting to be an object in her world. He was not only her husband, he was him. He has a name. I let this idea simmer in my mind for awhile, meanwhile feeling all kinds of tedious referring to my own husband as dh, hubby, husband, that guy – when that isn’t who he is to me. He has a name. But ultimately it had to be his decision. You have to be careful in this online world and adhere to other people’s wishes. I am planning to continue letting my son be the masked bandit behind the nickname MM (My Monkey) because he isn’t old enough to have an educated opinion. But I asked my husband today how he felt about the subject and this is what he said:

People less reputable than your readers have seen my name on the internet… go ahead 😉

So I’d like you guys to officially meet my husband, Daniel…

Just kidding, seriously, I have like a million of these almost pictures of him and they always crack me up. Okay, here’s a real one…

I know you’ve seen some of these pictures before – heck this one is even in my sidebar. The picture isn’t the important part. The important part is that guy up there in that picture is not just my dh or husband, he’s not just MM’s daddy – he’s Daniel. And he’s awesome.

6 responses to “I’d Like You Guys To Meet…”

  1. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Nice name! And howdy, Daniel!

    My mom outed my husband & my kids so I just kinda went w/ it although I still revert to “Hubby, SG, Son & a few other things.


  2. Andrea @ Red Knows How Avatar
    Andrea @ Red Knows How

    I love your husband, he’s like… amazing. He can tell me how to use things I thought impossible.


  3. Rach (Heart of Rachel) Avatar

    I’ve shared many of my hubby’s photos on my blog too and I’ve shared his real identity as well. Thank you for sharing this post about Daniel.


  4. Jenni Jiggety Avatar

    Nice to meet you, Daniel!


  5. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jean : You know I think initially we all worry, but you get to a point where it just seems far too obvious that we’re real – at least I hope so!


  6. Jean M. Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about this as well..but my hubs is pretty dang particular about his identity on the net and he actually prefers to be just some kind of “object” of mine on the net. I haven’t talked to him about it lately so I may bring it up again. He still has this mindset that all of you guys are really dirty old men behind the computer trying to take advantage of me. Sigh!