Weekend Diversions: Nothing Cute, Tumbling, Short Not-So-Love Notes & The Elusive Perfect Fit

First off – you must watch this immediately. I dare you not to melt.

This adorable little clip will air on Sesame Street on April 1. John writes (in his new blog that I might never have found without the wonderful Jen @ Daily Mish Mash):

“Of all the highlights in my career, I don’t know of one more sentimental than getting to walk through Sesame Street. Yes, there seems to be somebody always standing right below Elmo and his friends, mouthing along to everything they’re saying, but somehow I’m too filled with wonder to ever look at them. When you make contact with those big beautiful eyes, you’re done. Five years old again. Life is good.”

And of course, you know his whole blog is genius and you could easily spend a few wonderfully diverted hours there if you so chose. When you’re done, head over to Dear Old Love for some short notes to people other people have loved, or at least liked. You can find fabulous gems like Reintroduction:

Facebook keeps putting you in the list of People I May Know. Facebook has only slightly more tact than the guy who introduced us at a party and then said, “Oh, wait. Never mind. You guys totally did it.”

Two things to say about this (apart from the obvious, that’s awesome). I found this website through Google’s “cool” recommendations which you can subscribe to by following said link. Second thing of note is that Dear Old Love is a tumblr.com page which I just heard about yesterday. You can make your own tumblr.com page and post links to articles you like or wrote (or wrote and like?), upload pictures, etc. It’s like a personal RSS feed but more awesome. I made a page for myself here.

Okay and my last little gem for you today was posted by Blissfully Domestic a couple days ago. There’s this website called MyShape that helps you find clothing that will fit and flatter your specific body type. And I do mean specific. When you sign up, you’ll find yourself pulling out a tape measurer and taking measurements for things you hadn’t previously known were relevant. Then it tells you what basic body type you have and makes it super easy to shop online through their website for clothing that will fit you perfectly. If you can handle the pressure of being that honest with yourself, reaping the rewards could be pretty fantastic, no? My only complaint is the lack of a maternity section, but I’ll let that slide just this once…

That’s all for this week folks, I’m off to go watch that John & Elmo video… again… Have a great diverted weekend!

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  1. West Los Angeles Chiropractor Avatar

    Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy !


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  4. Rochelle Avatar

    So so cute!


  5. Andrea @ Red Knows How Avatar
    Andrea @ Red Knows How

    That video is adorable!! And certainly cute. Lol. MyShape sounds so cool as does Tumblr, so much stuff I can use to fill up my weekend when I should be writing reviews.


  6. Jean M. Avatar

    Oh my goodness John looks a hundred times more sexae just now! Can that be possible? Obviously it can.