American Idol: Top 9

Last night the Top 9 on American Idol were allowed to sing any song that is popular on iTunes – making for a wide variety of music but all popular songs that most people are likely to have heard before. I loved a lot of performances, even ones I hadn’t expected to. Unfortunately my least favorite performances were for musicians that in general I like a lot. I guess that’s to be expected as at this point all are talented musicians. Here’s how it broke down for us last night:

Anoop Desai (Caught Up, Usher): Oh boy. You know I love Anoop, you might not know I LOVE Usher. This was not a good performance. I really didn’t enjoy it – he didn’t hold a candle to the original and honestly he didn’t hold a candle to himself. The judges didn’t love it, my husband and I didn’t love it – and with so few good performances recently I’m thinking he’s going to find himself in the bottom three tonight and likely will go home. Which is a shame.

Megan Joy (Turn Your Lights Down Low, Bob Marley): I’m starting to think my husband and I are the sole members of the Megan Joy fan club. While this certainly wasn’t her best performance, I still love her voice and would still consider buying her album – the judges were not happy at all and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the bottom three tonight. Still – she’s one of my favorite vocalists – much more so than Anoop at this point.

Danny Gokey (What Hurts The Most, Rascal Flatts): First off, I’m going to admit it was a good performance. Am I joining the Danny Gokey fan club? No. Did I think he did a better job than the original? No. But not by much. Honestly I think if you played his version and the original version you could conceivably forget which was which. And at the end of the day, he’s just not ever going to be my favorite. He still stands a good chance of finding himself in the top 3 of this competition. The judges ALL loved him and my husband liked him, too – though he isn’t his favorite.

Alison Iraheta (Don’t Speak, No Doubt): I love Alison, I LOVE this song – but it wasn’t her best performance. The guitar skills to be honest were not good enough in my mind to have bothered bringing it out. For the first time I was not surprised that “she’s only 16” rather it was very evident. I still love her and her voice, and I think she’ll do fine for the week, but I hope she does better next week – and that hair was just awful, never you even mind the outfit.

Scott MacIntyre (Just The Way You Are, Billy Joel): This was by far his best performance to date. I love Billy Joel and even my husband who LOVES Billy Joel agreed this was good. Neither of us are hard core Scott fans but I think this might have been one of the best performances of the night.

Matt Giraud (You Found Me, The Fray): Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. This was really, really, really bad. And after just liking him for the first time last week, that’s not saying much for him. He has a beautiful voice but with this song choice that wasn’t evident. He almost sounded ridiculous and the performance, as Simon would say, seemed like indulgent nonsense to me. I’m thinking Matt may be joining the ranks of the bottom three again tonight, but I’m hoping he stays for at least another week.

Lil’ Rounds (I Surrender, Celine Dion): The first half of this song was just painfully bad – and her hair and dress were really not great – but the second half reminds me why I love her – those notes were just crazy and she didn’t look the least bit fatigued by that craziness – if anything she looked like she was finally in her element. I can see why she chose the song after hearing the whole thing but on the whole I’m questioning her song choices in general. She has a very powerful niche in R&B and I don’t think she needs to consider that a bad thing. She needs to consider it a very good thing and return there quickly if she wants to find her place in the Top 3 where she so rightfully deserves to be in my opinion.

Adam Lambert (Play That Funky Music, Wild Cherry): I’m just going to say it. He is my favorite. He is my husband’s pegged winner of the whole competition – which you shouldn’t take lightly as he pegged last season’s winner VERY early on and he’s a very good judge of musical talent. I am quite possibly in love with Adam Lambert musically and just loved every little minute of this. It was another stellar performance and I already cannot wait to see what he does next. In our opinions, dh and I, Adam is in a musical league of his own in this competition.

Kris Allen (Ain’t No Sunshine, Bill Withers): Like Danny Gokey, this was the first night when I felt like “Ohhhhhhhh now I get it.” The difference being with Gokey it was acknowledged and with Allen it was acknowledged with enthusiasm. I love this song and I loved his performance. His personal touch was evident everywhere and I think he did a better job on the piano than I’ve ever really seen him do on the guitar. The whole thing was masterful and if the rest of the competition can be based on last night, he could easily and by far find himself in the top 3 or 4.

So the bottom three tonight for me are pretty obviously Anoop, Megan and Matt – and I’m pegging Anoop as the unlucky performer to be heading home. My personal top three of the night would be Adam, Kris and either Danny or Lil – Lil’ over all, Danny for the night. And I think I’m going to have to agree with the hubby that Adam is number one of the night and so far the whole shebang.

But enough about me – how about you? Who did you love? Who did you hate?


  1. Hi Jen E!

    You know, I don’t watch T.V. anymore – we now watch shows via and similar sites.

    Besides that, I’m not at all qualified to speak about American Idol since I don’t follow the show. But I still wanted to stop by and say “Hello!”


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