Book Review: Here’s The Story by Maureen McCormick

Grade: A

I originally decided to read Here’s The Story, a memoir by Maureen McCormick, simply because it was the ‘memoir of Marcia Brady’ or rather the actress who played her. I was curious about her life, liked the book cover and thought the Brady references would be fun – a nice, light read. Yeah right. I ended up loving this memoir because it wasn’t just those things at all – it was so much more, far from light and because of that, much more satisfying and riveting to read. You forget sometimes that these celebrities are more than the characters they play – and where Maureen McCormick is concerned I had no idea. It was like finding out that the pretty, seemingly perfect girl from high school has real feelings, a real story, a real life – that in some ways, she’s just like you.

Now, I’ve never suffered from an eating disorder, I’ve never been a drug addict, I haven’t suffered from depression – I’ve had a much easier go if it than Maureen McCormick, but still I can relate to all these shocking things and more. It’ the bits and pieces that made her human, that make me human, too – and those I think are universally relateable. McCormick’s memoir is long in the sense that a lot of stuff happens, seemingly each chapter becomes worlds different from the chapter before, as her life was a roller coaster of new things, new places, new people and new experiences and all of it was fascinating to me.

The “story” has a relatively happy ending, although being her real life and the fact that it’s still going – not everything is resolved by the end and of course it isn’t really an ending at all, just a stopping point. This memoir has everything – you’ll want to laugh and cry along with her throughout her tale and by the end of it, I was truly sorry to finish the book and move onto something new. I’d consider it a must read.

Did you watch the Brady Bunch growing up? Who was your favorite character? Have you heard of Maureen McCormick’s memoir or the life she’s led post Brady?

7 responses to “Book Review: Here’s The Story by Maureen McCormick”

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  2. vivienne Avatar

    I’m hooked. I want to read it. I just loved The Brady Bunch. This is why I read about Tori Spelling as she wa also someone I used to love watching on television. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Sues2u2 : I can tell you that Maureen McCormick has pretty much nothing in common with her character, Marcia – they were like complete opposites which surprised me, but made me like the memoir all that much more.


  4. Scrappy Girl Avatar

    I wanted to read it before…now I want to read it even more!


  5. Sues2u2 Avatar

    I don’t know why but I’ve had no interest in reading this book. I love autobiographies. Just something about her. She was Not my favorite Brady. Your review made it sound like a great read though so I might do it. After I read the other 6 books on my nightstand! lol

    I loved the Brady bunch. We only got so much tv per week & I would always make sure I had that 30 min for the Brady’s.

    Favorite? Maybe Peter since I had the biggest crush on him!


  6. Nancy Avatar

    I loved the Brady Bunch growing up. I knew those episodes by heart. I haven’t read McCormack’s memoir but I’ve heard about it and would love to read it. I did read Barry Williams’s memoir a few years ago and I think I still have it, if you’re interested in a Brady memoir swap…


  7. meg Avatar

    I’m still interested in reading this book after you snippet you posted.

    I was a little young for The Brady Bunch but thats why they invented TV Land. My dad loves that channel and he has schooled me in what I need to know about The Brady Bunch.