Give Me Something To Plan, PLEASE!

Dan had his “written exam” today with Dream Company – what that means is that he headed out to the local library to meet with a local test proctor dude that Dream Company had mailed the written test to. Dan then took the test, which took about an hour, answering questions about math, science, problem solving, programming languages, etc. He said it was mostly easy – which means for a normal person it was probably kind of hard. Now we wait for the test proctor guy to mail the test back to Dream Company, then for Dream Company to “grade” the test and tell us what the next step will be (if there is a next step). I’m assuming the next step will be the in person interview, which he’ll have to fly out for. I say that I assume this is the next step, because I can’t imagine what other steps they could squeeze in – I’m really crossing my fingers for this – I can’t imagine how Dan could not be qualified at this point and not do well – I know he is a good candidate and I think we stand a pretty solid chance of him getting the job, but not knowing how many other people are applying and have made it this far, I can’t really say how big of a pool his is in at this point. We have no way of knowing.

We also have no way of knowing how soon it will be until we’ve heard from them, and if he gets an interview, how long it will be until then – and how soon after that he could get a job offer. I have no idea how much longer we will be living in this apartment (it could be indefinitely for all we know – or we could be moving very soon – no clue), how much longer I’ll be in this state, how much longer we’ll have our current health insurance and if we do change insurances – how complicated that will be. At this point there is really nothing for me to do, apart from continuing to help Dan job hunt in case Dream Company turns out to be Not Terribly Bright Company (i.e. choose not to hire him). I can no longer say I know where I will deliver this baby and which doctor will likely deliver it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my upcoming doctor’s appointment in about 3 weeks.  The only thing I do know is that in less than 110 days I will be having a new baby, insurance or not, move or not, job or not. A very cute baby who will demand all my attention and change my life again, for the better, but changed. Everything is going to change – it’s just a question of how much else will change and how soon. Personally, I say, the sooner the better – but I think that’s just because the waiting is taking a toll on me. I need a new step to plan, I’m ready to continue the process, even if continuing means continuing to job hunt – I need to either move forward or move away from Dream Company as soon as possible – except I have no say over this so really I’m just saying that I’d like to.

I’d like to have the baby sooner – and I know that’s not a possibility – but wouldn’t it be great to just have the baby, have my adorable little baby and continue on my merry way to whatever lays before me? To be able to actually start losing weight seriously and adding more intensity to my workouts (I know I’ll have that 6 week recovery at least to contend with, but honestly on top of 110 days that’s really nothing much to me). I want to snuggle and change diapers and put the baby in cute little outfits and ooh and ahh and see what kind of sibling MM will be. Really I just want to take the next step in SOMETHING but there are no steps to take right now and it’s really frustrating but only in a vague over there kind of way. For the most part, I’m mostly just chilling out, doing my thing and enjoying the moments I can. Alright the boy is awake from his nap and we have TeePees to play with (pictures to come) and then grandparents to visit and probably Easter Eggs to paint. Ciao!

7 responses to “Give Me Something To Plan, PLEASE!”

  1. Andrea @ Red Knows How Avatar
    Andrea @ Red Knows How

    Being in limbo stinks, but it’ll be over before you know it and your next plan will be in place. I promise. Until then lookie this adorable baby sling you can win:

    I know it’s no consulation for the questions, fears, excitement going on. But hey, it’s fun!


  2. vivienne Avatar

    I do feel for you. I hate this waiting part, where you feel like you are in permanent limbo. I hope a decision is made soon.


  3. Sues2u2 Avatar

    The holding pattern is a killer! It’s the worst thing ever. It does sound like the Dream Company job is on the right track though. Sounds like Dan has a real chance.

    Our fingers & toes are crossed. Big time!


  4. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    Waiting is hard especially if you’re a planner. I am and I hate not knowing. Just hang in there – 110 days does not seem long. I think you’re doing the right thing by staying busy and enjoying these moments with MM and DH.


  5. Karen Avatar

    Aargh! I feel for you, I really do. Waiting and NOT KNOWING is the worst so I honestly feel your pain. It’s bad enough with the job situation, doubly frustrating given the new baby and not knowing where or who will deliver the baby!

    Just the thought of being in your shoes makes me break out in a cold sweat.

    Hang in there, Jen. Remember, we’re just a post (email) away if you need to vent or you need advice, etc.

    Man, I hope Dream Company gets back to you ASAP!


  6. Nancy Avatar

    The waiting would kill me. As it is we aren’t 100% sure we’re going to CO, there’s a small chance it might not happen. But we’re working on the house and planning to list it – not having anything to do would make me insane.


  7. Jean M. Avatar

    The waiting in lingo is always the hardest part. I say keep doing what your doing and try to keep as busy as possible to keep yourself sane or distracted which ever works best for you.