Yeah I know, I’ve become a disappearing act. To be fair, I’ve barely been home and when I have been home I was dealing with the Case Of The Disappearing Internet. Or rather, hubby has been tinkering and it took out my internet for awhile and then he had to scratch is head and fume at my iMac for awhile because they don’t speak the same language apparently. Something about Arabic. Anyway, I’m sort of back now, but I know my posting is going to be pathetic and my blog reading is even worse probably. I’m here, sort of. I’m trying to plan so many aspects of this move at the same time that it makes my head spin and we haven’t even gotten an official job offer. I’m feeling impatient but really it’s only Tuesday and I won’t be surprised if we don’t hear from them before Friday afternoon. Whatever. Then I need to find an apartment, a moving company and health insurance in like the blink of an eye and you know, pack and move and get my address changd for like a gazillion things and actually move. Gah. Whose brilliant idea was this again?

4 responses to “Here, Sort Of”

  1. Jean M. Avatar

    We’re rootin for ya and still got my fingers crossed and their getting kinda tingly and numb but I’m not giving up!


  2. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    hang in there. we’ll still be here.


  3. Krystyn Avatar

    Good luck with it all. You’ve got a lot going on.


  4. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Knew you were still there & just busy, busy, busy. Fingers crossed for the job!