On Neighborhood Pranks, Mufflers and Dunkin Donuts

I’m writing on my father’s laptop at their house while watching MM while the guys pack – or rather while the moving company packs and the guys supervise. MM is playing with toys, watching Word World, the usual. His meme is grocery shopping and I’m on banana bread duty (i.e. I need to take it out of the oven when it’s done). 

It feels very weird knowing that all of my belongings are being put into boxes as I type this. Having faith in professionals to do a good job… yeah I’m trying. I think it was a good idea to take myself out of the way, I know I’d rather be here watching MM and just sort of relaxing. It’s nice. I kind of can’t wait to get on the road, but I’m also glad to have a few more days here.

The drive here this morning was very nostalgic I guess. I drive past this beautiful reservoir from a couple of sides to get here and it’s one of my favorite local landmarks – I always love driving by it and it’s one thing I know I’ll miss. I’m sure Dream State has plenty of gorgeous waterscapes to drive by, but you know these ones are mine – I grew up with these reservoirs, etc. I’ll have to post pictures sometime – they’re on my iMac somewhere which is of course in a box now.

So I wanted to write about two or three things, the first is the Feud story that I mentioned in my Aloha Friday, which is a friendly feud and kind of funny. It started I believe with a Yankee Swap that Dan’s parents do with the neighborhood folks every Christmas season. It’s one of those “bad santa” types in that alot of the gifts they swap are of the prank variety, and those blow up Christmas ornaments have made the rotation between Dan’s parents and the next door neighbors a couple of times and recently they’ve been making even more rotations, between seasons. They each have keys to the others’ homes for “emergency purposes” which has led to these ornaments showing up in the other’s homes when they have time to sneak in and well I think you can imagine. So those photos were taken shortly after the last “occurance” – before being taken inside and hidden somewhere so that the ball is back in “our court” while they plot their next move. That’s really about it – they decided to take some family pictures to use this Christmas now while we were in town. So weird to know that we won’t be much longer…

Anyway, so yesterday we dropped MM off with my parents to spend the night so that we could un-baby proof his bedroom. We left their house to pick up some drywall spackel stuff – you know for patching holes? And also to pick up some pizza for dinner for the two of us – so we’d called to place an order and were on our way to pick up when, I shit you not, the muffler fell off my car. Seriously.

Some things to note: My car just got out of the shop, after having the car aligned, the tires replaced and some sensor fixed that was acting wonky. It also had the breaks replaced recently. My car is only 7 years old – a Toyota Corolla – so it just seems absurd to me that all of these things have happened in such a short amount of time, right before this big road trip. Anyway, it was just the bracket that broke – one of the bolts rusted off or something and it’s already fixed, but you can imagine how I was feeling when it happened – like – seriously? What else would like to break before or during this trip? Dan assures me that he thinks we are in the clear now and the bolt was very easy to fix and the muffler was fine – it stayed attatched and all that, but man. It didn’t seem like a good sign to me. But I’ m a girl, what do I know? 😛 We called my dad who came by with a wire coat hanger to reattatch the bracket long enough to drive to a hardware store to buy some new bolts and that spackel for the walls. And off we went to get our pizza (2 hours late) and finish packing for the trip, etc. Fun times, right?

The other thing I wanted to mention was that we had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast this morning – I tried their new cinammon twist thing and Dan had the new egg white flat bread sandwich thing and I wanted to mention that both were delicious – if you have a Dunks nearby and haven’t tried either yet, I highly recommend them. The end.

I think that’s all for now. Lord knows when I’ll get online again and I figured I’d mention all those things now while they are on my mind – I’m sure I’ll have plenty of other things to blog about the next time I get online. 😛 Have a great weekend and week and all that. 🙂

3 responses to “On Neighborhood Pranks, Mufflers and Dunkin Donuts”

  1. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    That fued story is hilarious. What fun neighbors your in-laws have. Enjoy the rest of your time there. The trip to dream state will be fun and exciting. Be safe and can’t wait to hear about your travels and new place.


  2. Sues2u2 Avatar

    So glad that the muffler bracket broke now rather than when you were on the road. Much better option!

    I know what it’s like to drive by & say I’ll not be living here again. Twice now it’s I wonder if we’ll ever even come here again?

    Be safe & have a great time on your trip out.


  3. Jean M. Avatar

    Lucky you that you had the option to stay out of everyones hair during the craziness. Believe me, if I had that option after the last move I’d be all over it.

    I’m glad the muffler thing was minor. I would be completely freaked out too, nothing better to add that extra bit of stress on top of everything else.
    Best wishes for the rest of the trip!