MM is actually just starting to get into picking out his own bedtime stories. For awhile I’d pick the story and there’d be ones he enjoyed more than others but what we read was largely my call. Now he eagerly looks forward to picking out the story and sometimes surprises us by asking for an old favorite – a book we haven’t read in awhile – which is so cool to see that he’s really been paying attention and is starting to form favorites!

Lately it’s been all about The Berenstain Bears around here – we were given a huge pile of children’s books from Dan’s aunt, a lot of which were his as a child at some point, and of course I read a lot of the same books – we were both big Betenstain Bear fans for sure! But neither of us read any of the Step-Into-Reading editions which we’ve also acquired a couple of – and one of MM’s recent favorites is one of these books, called The Berenstain Bears By The Sea.

I love the catchy rhymes in this cute story of the Bear Family’s trip to the beach house. The bear cubs are of course anxious to get out the sea and start swimming, but mama and papa bear insist on getting the beach house ready for the stay, having a snack, and then of course waiting after they eat before swimming. It’s a short read with a good rhythm thanks to the rhyming text. Both Dan and I enjoy reading this one to him and sometimes MM likes to pretend to read it to himself, too. So cute.

I think he must be just as eager to hit the beach as we are, because MM has been asking for this book at naptime and bedtime non-stop lately! Luckily it’s one we both like, too!

What books are your kids reading right now?

3 responses to “Kids’ Picks: Berenstain Bears By The Sea”

  1. Jennifer (Snapshot Blog) Avatar

    My son is right at the “Step into Reading” stage, and I didn’t know that they made Berenstain Bears books in that format. I’ll have to look out for them, because I love the truth of the little bear family in the woods.


  2. Carrie, Reading to Know Avatar

    Big fan of the B. Bears growing up. My brother and I eagerly collected them and would read and re-read them when we were young. Very good memories. Fun times, for sure! Sounds like you and your family are having the same.


  3. morninglightmama Avatar

    Oh, a good beach read, kid style, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!