8 Things: June 16th

Snagged this meme from Jen @ Our Daily Big Top – I’m pretty sure it has a couple of different questions making this sort of like brand new and not me killing time when I could be doing anything more productive…

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. Going to the beach – this weekend I hope.
  2. Having this baby already! A little over a month!
  3. My grandma coming to visit / help out with MM and the new baby for 2 weeks
  4. My dad and Marie coming to visit shortly after that…
  5. Dan’s parents coming to visit shortly after that (It’s like we’re famous or something)!
  6. The company picnic next month, the Saturday before my scheduled cesarean.
  7. Dan coming home tonight – it always feels long over due by the time he gets here. 🙂

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Did the laundry.
  2. Worked on the Top Secret Father’s Day gift.
  3. Got an adorable blanket and pillow for the baby from my friend Amanda @ Funkepunkemonke.
  4. Got a confirmation on my grandma’s flight dates for her trip here next month!
  5. Decided between steak, lobster or steak and lobster for the company picnic (I went with a little of both).
  6. Watched a Futurama 4-part episode marathon thingy on Comedy Central with the hubster.
  7. Made homemade chicken nuggets and onion rings for dinner. Would you believe my kid turned down the chicken nuggets? You know I really made them for him so I was a bit upset.
  8. Blogged, obviously.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Whistle.
  2. Lose weight just by thinking about it.
  3. Have babies just by thinking about it (the birth part, not the conception).
  4. Inherit a ridiculously large amount of money.
  5. See my toes when I’m standing…
  6. Get out off the couch without assistance or a lot of planning.
  7. Get up two flights of stairs without being completely winded.
  8. Are you noticing a trend? Basically, not be pregnant anymore (but I still want the kid)!

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. The Ellen Degeneres Show
  2. Everyday Italian
  3. 30 Minute Meals With Rachel Ray
  4. Iron Chef America
  5. Grey’s Anatomy
  6. Bones
  7. Fringe
  8. America’s Next Top Model

8 Favorite Fruits:

  1. Kiwi
  2. Strawberries
  3. Lemons and Limes (in stuff, not just on their own)
  4. Grapes
  5. Pineapple
  6. Watermelon
  7. Mandarin Oranges
  8. Apples

8 Places I’d Like To Travel To:

  1. The Grand Canyon
  2. Paris, France
  3. Rome (or anywhere in Italy)
  4. London, England
  5. Disney World
  6. Washington DC
  7. California
  8. Hawaii

8 Places I’ve Lived:

  1. Twice in, CA
  2. My Grandparents House, MA
  3. Several Places In, KY
  4. My Dad’s House, MA
  5. College, MA
  6. With My In-Laws, MA
  7. First Apartment, MA
  8. Current Apartment, WI

Your turn.

4 thoughts on “8 Things: June 16th

  1. @ Jen : My husband LOVES Fringe – of course he could care less about the PACEY factor but he does like Joshua Jackson’s character and the plot of the show in general – I definitely recommend i


  2. I’ve been contemplating starting to watch Fringe. I’ve heard it is pretty good and I’m a big Joshua Jackson fan. I just couldn’t convince my husband to watch.

    You travel wish list looks a lot like mine!


  3. Great lists. I am glad to read that your family are coming out to help you with the new baby. It will be such a lovely time for you. Sounds like you have some fantastic events coming up.


  4. I forgot about Grey’s Anatomy – I watch that too. It’s hard to remember when it’s not on weekly. Good choice going for lobster and steak – nothing like surf & turf. I know it’s hard being in the last stages of pregnancy but enjoy the time with MM because soon there will be another little one.


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