Thoughts On Friends, Social Lives & Dinner Parties

Last night Dan went to play some board games, etc. with some of his new friends from work. I was kind of bummed out that I wouldn’t be able to go, but thought it was really good that he’s making friends already – one of us needs to have a social life. Besides, I got to spend the night tooling around online, watching anything on TV I wanted to (including the first episode of the BBC series Robin Hood and the first two episodes of True Bloodwhich ironically this morning I found a giveaway at Melissa’s Bookshelf to win the first 7 books in the series the show was based off of – what are the odds?) and eating junk food – so it’s not like I had a bad night or anything.

Dan had a small handful of good friends from college back home, but it was largely my group of friends that we hung out with the most – our monthly Game Night usually meant regularly seeing my close knit group of ladies and it’s one thing I know we both miss from our old routine. So I was thinking that we should just reinstate something similar, with his new friends – it will be his time to shine, which totally works for me. This will mean that I’ll get to meet his friends, too, and we won’t have to look for a baby sitter which is good because I am still a bit apprehensive about hiring strangers to watch my kids – I know, I’ve been spoiled.

He had a great time last night and I think he was pretty happy when I suggested that he invite his friends over here sometime. I left it open ended – I don’t want to organize this into the ground and it’s not like we have loads of other things going on (aside from the new baby coming) – so I didn’t pester him to set a date, rather I told him to make sure he gave me 24 hours notice that people were coming. I’ll probably make him cook the meal anyway because he’s on this whole “fancy gourmet chef” kick which is so cute and it means the food is better when he’s cooking – but I could use the occasion to make one of the many desserts I’ve been hoarding the recipes for lately.

I miss my girl friends but I’m glad one of us is already acquiring a social life and I want to make sure to encourage that and reap the benefits of human interaction anyway I can. Because I am much slower to form bonds and attachments – it might take me a year or more to really reach out and find those people that I’ll want to see regularly and invite into my home. So we’re both lucky that he’s having an easy time making friends at work. And okay – I totally just want an excuse to make one of those desserts and to not have to find childcare, but when everybody wins, does it matter the reasons it happened?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Friends, Social Lives & Dinner Parties

  1. Once you have had the baby and started going to toddler groups, you will have friends coming out of your ears. When we moved away from family, it didn’t take long for me to find friends once the kids started school. Just hang in there and you will soon find your own little group.


  2. @ Jen : I’m planning to look into those things this Fall, after I’ve had the baby and we’re all moderately recovered. Okay, the fall might be the winter – but you know, it’s on my to do list.


  3. I know that Moms Clubs can be hit or miss as far as making connections, but it might be another low key way to get out and meet people in your area.

    Glad to hear your husband is fitting in at his new job. 🙂


  4. Maybe his friends could invite their wives to the party to and you could get to know them. Good for him for being the social butterfly this time around.


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