Between being hugely pregnant and prone to craving sweet treats and having access to Food Network again for the first time in like two years, my sweet tooth coveting tendencies have been kicked into overdrive lately. Here are thirteen desserts and assorted sweet treats that I have a hankering to make right now and the people responsible.

  1. Wanted: Chocolate Ricotta PiePerson To Blame: Giada De Laurentiis – The first thing that struck me about this recipe was, “holy cow I want a food processor.” Watching her make it had me drooling for her appliances just as much as the dessert, which I mean – what’s not to love about chocolate pie?
  2. Wanted: Key Lime PiePerson to Blame: The Pioneer Woman – I’m not sure if she knows this but right now lemons and limes are like my favorite thing in the world, which is weird because before pregnancy they were kind of a take it or leave it thing with me. I’m guessing this little baby of mine is a citrus fiend, and I’m anxious to make something along these lines soon.
  3. Wanted: Hazelnut & Chocolate Pie w/ Vanilla Whipped CreamPerson To Blame: Giada De Laurentiis – This just looks decadent – she compared it to flourless chocolate cake which is one of my other new favorite things and um yeah, me wants it.
  4. Wanted: Lemon BarsPerson To Blame: Bakerella – Again with the lemon and me obsessively craving it – these bars look absolutely delicious and her pictures weren’t helping matters (see left). She even cooked these with her kids which had me feeling all, “I should be a super mommy and cook with my son, too,” but the truth is I just really want to eat a lemon bar.
  5. Wanted: Earl Grey Shortbread CookiesPerson To Blame: Claire Robinson – Claire hosts a show on Food Network called 5 Ingredient Fix – I love the idea of the show and her food looks really good. Some of her recipes I think I’d add a couple more things to and spice them up but I like the idea of keeping it simple and letting a few stellar ingredients really stand out and shine in a recipe. And I like cookies.
  6. Wanted: Biscotti Gelato Sandwiches and EspressoPerson To Blame: Giada De Laurentiis – I’m not the biggest fan of biscotti but I love ice cream cookies and espresso and I’m supremely tempted to give this “recipe” a try – Giada certainly made it look delicious, but then she does that, doesn’t she?
  7. Wanted: Chocolate Peanut Butter PiePerson To Blame: The Pioneer Woman – I love chocolate peanut butter pie but I’ve only had it a couple times and I’ve been on the hunt for a good recipe for it – this looks like the recipe – it’s perfect and I plan to make this in the near future or at least by Thanksgiving.
  8. Wanted: French Toast with Strawberries and CreamPerson To Blame: Claire Robinson – Another thing I recently discovered that I like is French Toast. I know – these are things normal people learn at like infancy or something – but I swear I never liked it until a couple weekends ago when Dan made some and I suddenly wanted them, too. And they were delicious. Claire’s recipe is of course super easy and the strawberries on top are genius. I’ve actually made this one already and will definitely make it again.
  9. Wanted: Limoncello Cheesecake Squares – Person To Blame: Giada De Laurentiis – As soon as I pop this baby out and I’m either not nursing or can take a couple hours off from nursing, I want to try some Limoncello (a lemon liquor) or some equivalent thereof. And I want to make these cheesecake squares for sure – they look delicious and you might have noticed that I’m infatuated with all things lemon, so yeah. This one needs to be made for sure.
  10. Wanted: Cream Puffs With Lemon Mousse and Blueberry SaucePerson To Blame: Martha Stewart – I’m not sure how Martha Stewart ended up on my list – I don’t watch her show, at least not normally – but this looks fantastic and I definitely want to try it sometime.
  11. Wanted: Strawberry Peach DipPerson To Blame: My Wooden Spoon – Honestly it was the picture (see left) that made me start craving this recipe. It sounds (and looks) perfect for the summer – what could be better than a tray full of fresh fruits and a delicious dip to eat with them? I’m thinking nothing unless I can have that and the other twelve desserts on this list also. That might be better. Also – can I have her serving dishes because they are adorable (speaking of coveting).
  12. Wanted: Individual Orange and Chocolate CheesecakesPerson To Blame: Giada De Laurentiis – These look so cute and I love the idea of making individual servings – with such a small family somehow this feels like less of a waste of baking because they are so grab and go and I bet you could freeze half of them or something. Or just eat like five at a time.
  13. Wanted: White Chocolate MoussePerson To Blame: Claire Robinson – This sounds so easy to make and delicious. I’d love to make this when my mother-in-law comes to visit as she’s allergic to chocolate and the blackberries to go with it? Heavenly.

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16 responses to “t13: Thirteen Sweet Recipes I’m Coveting”

  1. Mrs. Cox Avatar

    Yep, I’ll just take your list and add to it 😀 I see you like Giada — On the same Food Network bandwagon, be aware of Ina Garten’s desserts…sinful, decadent, and soooo delicious. But I expect nothing less of her since she is in the Hamptons 😉 Paula Deen also throws down some good ‘sert … Mmm yes. I definitely want to try Giada’s chocolate ricotta pie !!


  2. aliceaudrey Avatar

    I don’t want to think about life without a food processor. Yes, go get one!


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  4. JO Avatar

    sounds good!


  5. Patrice Avatar

    Great, now I want all of these & the person to blame is YOU! lol 😛


  6. workingmomma247 Avatar

    Oh my goodness! I have certainly made note of PW’s peanut butter pie and since I’ve been with out Food Network for way to long, you have reassured my reasoning for missing it.


  7. Kristen Avatar

    Sounds like you are going to be busy baking for a while. Those citrus desserts sound yummy.


  8. poppingbubbles Avatar

    Oh my…now I’m craving sweets! Those all look delicious!


  9. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    and for my 15th craving, strawberry shortcake – thanks to Sherliee 😛


  10. sherilee Avatar

    Oh my, those look delicious! I love your “who to blame” aspect!! Come over and take a look at my 13 favorite summer fruit desserts. Oh heavens, I need to go bake now…


  11. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen – Daily Big Top : Oh trust me, I know and entered!


  12. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    I just ate breakfast but now am wanting all those yummy desserts. PS: Pioneer Woman is giving away a food processor.


  13. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    If it were a T14 I’d be able to add this dessert, also from The Wooden Spoon:


  14. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Karen : I was hoping by posting this that I might get it out of my system but now I think the odds of me making these things has just increased.


  15. Karen Avatar

    Oh … you are evil for posting all of these luscious recipes now – ESPECIALLY now.

    I must look away …

    Looking away now …



  16. vivienne Avatar

    I am now craving sweet things too! Good job it is my weigh day and I can have something nice. Now where can I get my hands on a slice of key lime pie?