t13: Thirteen Sweet Recipes I’m Coveting

Between being hugely pregnant and prone to craving sweet treats and having access to Food Network again for the first time in like two years, my sweet tooth coveting tendencies have been kicked into overdrive lately. Here are thirteen desserts and assorted sweet treats that I have a hankering to make right now and theContinue reading “t13: Thirteen Sweet Recipes I’m Coveting”

t13: Things I’ll Miss…

In two days the moving company is coming to pack our things. In five days they will be loading the moving truck with those things and we’ll all be headed out to “Dream State.” It’s all happening. I’d like to take a moment today to reminisce on some of the (many) things I will missContinue reading “t13: Things I’ll Miss…”

Oh Right, That Thursday 13 Thing

Normally Thursday 13 is like one of the highlights of my week and I get all geeked out trying to think of a good theme. But this week? This week I’m still on a Hotness High from being nominated for entering the NQHE fake calendar (you sick of my linkage yet? Hold onto your horses).Continue reading “Oh Right, That Thursday 13 Thing”

Thursday 13: Strangest Search Terms

I’ve seen a couple of people do this for a T13 or just a random fun blog post. I’ve held off on doing it until I felt I had some truly strange search terms come up. I don’t know that these are really the strangest ever, but I am absolutely stumped on what to blogContinue reading “Thursday 13: Strangest Search Terms”

13 Books I’d Rather Be Reading Right Now

For this week’s edition of Thursday 13 I’m taking a break from the alphabet – I’m mixing things up a bit, and beating a dead horse down, down into the ground* – and by dead horse I mean topic – and by that I mean I’m going to devote this post to BOOKS just soContinue reading “13 Books I’d Rather Be Reading Right Now”