Daybook: June 22nd


Outside my window: It’s supposedly only 67 degrees but we’ve got a high of 88 with more “possible storms” – it “possibly” rains frequently here but that can mean a bit of drizzling here and there or torrential downpours. I’ve found the online weather websites are largely little help for actually predicting the weather – maybe that’s true everywhere.

I am hearing: Sesame Street on tv and the pitter patter of three year old footsteps bouncing around, room to room, looking for the new big thing to play with for the minute. He’s getting impatient because he knows when the show is over, we’re going out.

I am thinking: That it will be good to finally check out the local library and get my card, but I’m kind of annoyed that, according to their card catalog online, the books I want to read the most right now are all taken with like twice or three times as many holds for the book as copies. Why must I covet popular books?

I am hoping: That I can find a couple cheap pairs of shorts for MM at Target today – it’s just too hot for him to wear the pajamas he’s been wearing, and he’s getting a bit big for them anyway – it’s shorts and a light tee shirt weather by day and night these days. And who told kids they could keep getting bigger?

I am reading: Last night I was talking to Dan about my dilemma with the book the book I’ve been reading, The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, which was hard for me to explain then but having talked with him at length about it, I think I can quickly summarize. It’s a non-fiction, non-light read but it’s fascinating and I am enjoying reading it – but I’ve been reading it for about three weeks now I think and I’ve barely cracked a dent in it – I am so tired at night and it’s really too heavy a read for me these days so I’m in this weird situation where I am enjoying the book but not enjoying the time reading it, if that makes any sense. And it’s only going to get worse – I’m more and more tired at night and in a month, I’ll have a newborn and newborn hours to contend with – it could take me a year to read this book at that rate.

So it is with heavy heart that I am putting the book aside for now, so that I can read it when I am of sound mind and whatever to really enjoy it. I put it on my desk so that I can read it during the day if I’m feeling inspired but for now I’m going back to hopefully light fiction. Last night I read the first chapter of The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg which is good, although I don’t think I’d categorize it as light, it is lighter than the non-fiction book I’d been reading. I’m planning to continue hunting down a (free) copy of Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris and I have a copy of Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen coming, which I won in Serendipity‘s giveaway recently – and I plan to check out a couple books at the library today, depending on their selection.

I am creating: Nothing at the moment – I’m a bit created out after last week.

I am wearing: A maternity tank top with little green and white polka dots (it’s cuter than it sounds) and my maternity jeans which I had the hubby resize for me (don’t mock him, you wish your husband could sew as well as mine can) so that they fit again – how is it possible that I’m getting so huge but my pants were getting too big? I can’t wait to see what size I am after this kid is born.

In the kitchen:

  • Monday: Grilled BBQ Chicken w/ baked potatoes and mixed frozen vegetables
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Wednesday: Hamburgers w/ choose your own sides
  • Thursday: Grilled Cheese & Beef Vegetable Soup
  • Friday: Bruschetta Chicken Bake

Around the house: We finally hung this fantastic mirror that we got shortly after our marriage with a gift certificate from my grandmother. We’ve never had quite the right place to hang it, but we finally decided on the perfect place for it here and I love it.

Plans for the week: Target and the library today, a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, I need to call the health insurance company to confirm what things will be covered on the big day and I need to do the laundry at some point, too.

One of my favorite things: We had a fantastic Father’s Day yesterday. We went to a small beach in town (very small, like there was maybe 50 feet of beach) which was so peaceful. It was kind of overcast but still nice and warm and the water was fairly warm, too since it’s been so hot every other day. I’ll be posting some pictures on Wednesday from the beach – but look below for a couple pictures of our Father’s Day gifts. I framed a really great picture of Dan and MM and also had MM color a cute little print out. We also printed a similar version to the collage I posted yesterday, as a Father’s Day card. Those three things plus the beach were the basic details of our Father’s Day Surprise – nothing special, but I did want to surprise him as much as possible. I also made him one of my specialty dinners, my Enchilada Bake, which I haven’t made in ages so it was kind of cool and of course delicious.

A picture thought:

5 responses to “Daybook: June 22nd”

  1. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    Sounds like a fun father’s day. I just got back from Target a poorer woman. Why can’t I get out of there for less than $20?


  2. Nancy Avatar

    I tried reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma last year and also ended up returning it after not getting too far into it. When a book is a chore it’s time to put it aside. I do want to get back to it but don’t know when that’s going to happen, if ever.


  3. workingmomma247 Avatar

    I’m with you on the non fiction thing. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever completed an entire non fiction book. I guess I just don’t have the attention span.
    Good luck on your library finds!


  4. Krystyn Avatar

    Oh, I would love for 67 at night…that would be great!

    BTW, Google is not forwarding custom domains, but my blog has been updated, please head over. and update your subscription:)


  5. vivienne Avatar

    The pictures are lovely. Glad to hear you had a great day. Sorry to hear your library is not forthcoming with new books. At least if you put reservations on them now, you will have them after the baby arrives.