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Daybook: June 29th


Outside my window: It’s beautiful outside – bright blue sky, big puffy white clouds and a blessedly mild 70 degrees. We had just enough rain this weekend to cool things down a bit and it looks like I’ll be able to stay cool for at least the next three days. You know it’s bad when I see rain predicted and kind of want to cheer and thank the lord for his kindness. Right now it is not raining so I have the screen door open bringing in a nice breeze and NO air conditioner running – hurray!

I am hearing: Kids playing outside, the chime of a wind chime nearby and cars driving by. So far I have not heard MM which means he might actually be napping, but somehow I doubt it.

I am thinking: That I’ve been pretty terrifically productive today and I hope I can keep up the trend. I’ve got a fairly ambitious dinner planned for tonight and laundry to finish – will I make it through the night in one piece?

I am hoping: Dan doesn’t have to work too late – I’d love it if he came home early enough to help me prep the chicken – I absolutely hate touching raw meat, but I’ll get it done either way. 😉

I am reading: The Sweet Potato Queens’ First Big-Ass Novel by Jill Conner Browne – I have to say, it’s really fantastic and I’m glad I went digging through my bookshelf to find it – what took me so long to pick this up? I have no idea but I’m glad I saved it!

I am creating: Nothing too creative at the moment – just a lot of organizing, phone call making and getting in order – I have a lot to do before the baby comes and a lot to do anyway. I’ve been creating progress! Today I finally got around to scheduling an appointment with a local pediatrician for MM who will hopefully also be the baby’s pediatrician – that appointment isn’t until August though. I also got a confirmation that BB’s birth will be 100% covered by our health insurance – hallelujah!

I am wearing: One of my favorite maternity tee shirts and my maternity jeans. I’d love to be wearing the gorgeous dress I bought at Walmart this weekend but sadly it’s in the laundry… and probably if I wore it every day it would lose it’s specialness right?

In the kitchen:

Around the house: I picked up some Dreft so I can start washing all the baby clothes and then put them away in the little plastic baskets we picked up – we’re planning to use the changing table as a makeshift “dresser” for the baby so we don’t have to buy some cheap piece of furniture that we’ll just want to replace in a year. Makes sense, no? Especially since we just bought MM a new bed (being delivered tomorrow) this weekend. In a couple weeks we’ll probably start putting things together and if we haven’t heard from Graco or gotten an infant car seat by mid-July we’ll be picking that up then.

Plans for the week: Work on laundry, set up MM’s new bed when it comes, watch Raising The Bar on DVD with the hubby, and my car is due for it’s inspection in July so we’ll probably do that and get it’s oil changed this weekend.

One of my favorite things: My new dress. Seriously – I am deliriously in love with it…

A picture thought:

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You are definitely nesting. Won’t be long now. You look fabulous. You will be whizzing back into your pre maternity clothes at this rate. Well done you!


I can see you are waiting for July to do the same as the sweet potato queens in the Tuesday Teasers (sorry I got to the wrong post). All I can remember about having two at once was carrying one in each arm and being able to do it.


You look Gorgeous! Your arms look super skinny & you look like you have a basketball out front. All of your hard work is sooooo paying off. Way to go, Jen!!! And yes, that dress is Su-weet!


Looks like your “nesting” with all that you got done today.
That is awesome that ins. is paying for it all.
Love the dress it’s so summery. I’m jealous I want one! 🙂


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