A Walk Outside…

MM and I took a walk outside this morning and I took a few pictures, thought I’d share…

This is just outside our apartment building, to the right. Beyond those trees is the “main road” which leads to the grocery store, the highway, and basically everything else we go to.

Here MM is showing you the door to our apartment building.

And to the left of the building is a path to the parking lot and a view of the road our apartment is on – this is the road we would take if we were taking a longer walk. Of course after this we just ended up going to the little playground. It was nice and quiet as we were the only ones there.

2 responses to “A Walk Outside…”

  1. Jen @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Vivienne : If you look closely, the playground really isn’t so lovely. But I really only took pictures of the nicer stuff. I’m actually planning to go have a talk with the landlord about the playground to see if they have any plans at all because it’s in crazy ROUGH shape. But I’m sure when it was originally built it was nice.


  2. vivienne Avatar

    It looks really lovely where you have moved too. Nice and green – just how I like it. The playground nearby is lovely too.