A Closer Look

I love the picture I posted in my Wordless Wednesday this week – the expression on MM’s face takes my breath away and I think the colors came out beautifully (then the sepia and black and white versions added their own charms), but there is one thing I don’t love about it and I haven’tContinue reading “A Closer Look”

Independence Day Weekend

This weekend was my first time celebrating the 4th of July without going to the town parade, fireworks, visiting family for cookouts, etc. We spent the entire weekend celebrating with just the 3.5 of us and I have to say it was a pretty nice weekend. Our original plan involved going to the beach onContinue reading “Independence Day Weekend”

A Walk Outside…

MM and I took a walk outside this morning and I took a few pictures, thought I’d share… This is just outside our apartment building, to the right. Beyond those trees is the “main road” which leads to the grocery store, the highway, and basically everything else we go to. Here MM is showing youContinue reading “A Walk Outside…”

What Playground Parent Are You?

I will willingly admit that I am a bit of a “helicopter parent” – as the mother of an overly friendly three year old who enjoys talking to strangers and is pretty sure he is unbreakable, I kind of have to be that hovering reminder that “mom is still watching.” And I don’t think heContinue reading “What Playground Parent Are You?”