Daybook: July 13, 2009


Outside my window: Yet another gorgeous day – weather man says it’s 68 degrees out which sounds lovely. High of 80. Hopefully it’s not too muggy when we go out later today (we’re finally getting our Wisconsin drivers licenses today).

I am hearing: Martha Speaks on tv (a favorite in our household – MM is currently captivated), the hum of the A/C and the dishwasher running.

I am thinking: that the key lime pie in my refrigerator is way too delicious for my own good – and mentally going over the running “baby to do list” in my mind, i.e. “Try and check out this store sometime during the week, start gathering all the baby supplies and putting them where I want them to be, pick up a spray bottle for the cloth wipes we bought online (Dan finally agreed to try cloth diapering with me!) and also a plastic trash can / bin thing to put the wet bag in so I don’t have to find out the hard way whether or not it will leak.

I am hoping: That MM is nice to us when we go to the registry today. All I can think is bored preschooler plus long lines and paperwork does not sound fun – that is why Dan and I are going together on his lunch break – hopefully we can tag team the situation and not go berserk.

I am reading: The Funny Thing Is by Ellen Degeneres – I am loving it, of course, as I adore Ellen and her sense of humor but I swear I’ve read or heard some of the jokes before – perhaps some were written versions of her stand up? Still funny either way – last night I was laughing so hard I cried, unfortunately for Dan who was busy trying to read a book of his own…

I am creating: clean dishes and clothes? Maybe not the most artistic of endeavors but it’s about all the energy I’ve got for today – but you know, cut me some slack – we did make Oobleck the other day!

I am wearing: my most comfortable teal pajama capris and a random summer tank top that is totally not my planned outfit for the day in any way – I’m hoping that some laundry dries before we leave so that I can find something better to wear for my license picture – either way I will at least put on real pants before I leave.

In the kitchen:

  • Monday: Chicken Nuggets with sweet corn and mashed potatoes
  • Tuesday: Pasta w/ grilled chicken and creamy pesto sauce (jarred) & garlic bread, maybe
  • Wednesday: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Mac’n’Cheese
  • Thursday: Grilled Cheese & Chili
  • Friday: Salmon Burgers

Around the house: We finally got our old dinosaur of an iMac hooked up in the kitchen which means that we can look up recipes on the net and not have to print them out – which will save us paper and ink and coincidentally money. Unfortunately it might be too slow to try doing anything except looking up recipes but I probably shouldn’t be playing Facebook games and twittering while I cook anyway – not that I won’t try.

Plans for the week: We’re getting our licenses today, I need to pick up a book for Dan at the library, I have my LAST doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, and if we have time we are going to check out this store sometime to hopefully pick up a diaper cover or two as the ones we ordered on Amazon seem like they might take a long time to ship. This Friday my grandma will be flying in to visit for two weeks (yay!!) so I’ll need to pick her up from the airport before dinner (which is blessedly simple thank goodness). This WEEKEND is the company picnic which should be a lot of fun and there will be lobster and steak – two things that both my grandmother and Dan adore.

One of my favorite things: Apparently there is no state inspection required for cars in Wisconsin. We went yesterday to get Dan’s car inspected as his sticker had expired this month and the guy at the auto shop literally did not know what we were talking about. It doesn’t exist here – which is weird, I’d always assumed it was just one of those facts of life things but not so. We can’t say we aren’t thrilled. Sometimes I feel like we moved to a foreign country – stores and restaurants we’ve never seen before, different government regulations (and lack of others), health insurance companies that actually seem to give a crap and help you out – doctors offices with blessedly short waiting times… Cheese curds. It’s just bizarre and I think I maybe love it…

A picture thought:

This is what Dan made for dinner last night – sure it’s just french toast and sausage (breakfast for dinner followed by pie – heaven?) but check out his little plating flair? Please ladies, get your husbands addicted to Iron Chef America – and if you are lucky like me and they apparently are way better cooks than you, don’t complain – just show up in time for dinner (with a camera).

2 responses to “Daybook: July 13, 2009”

  1. vivienne Avatar

    I am glad to hear you are enjoying Ellen Degeneres. I am so jealous of your husband’s culinary skills!


  2. Jean Avatar

    -I’m jealous of your 80 degree high!
    -I’ve got to check out Ellen’s Book, they don’t have it (yet) at my library. Bummer!
    -How awesome of a company picnic to serve steak and lobster! That just doesn’t happen ever.
    -OK also nixed the state inspection, which would help us out if we decide to move. So we’ve got that going for us. Hehe
    -Beautiful technique on the french toast! My hubs sadly can’t stand Iron Chef America. He’s deranged in the mind so it doesn’t surprise me. 🙂
    -Good luck on the cloth diapering, let us know how it works out for ya..not that I will probably ever have the opportunity again, but you never know, ya know?