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Daybook: August 31st


Outside my window: It’s finally warmed up to about 62 – it was pretty chilly this morning in the 50’s – possibly the coldest I’ve experienced since moving here three months ago. This morning I actually contemplated turning on the heater!

I am hearing: Clifford on tv – isn’t it always some PBS show around here? We don’t really turn anything else on until after MM’s bedtime – the exception being Ellen at 3pm – he loves to dance when the music comes on. 🙂

I am thinking: about a million different things – like the fact that we are buying a used 2004 Buick LeSabre today (seriously) as we’ve decided that Dan’s car has officially kicked the bucket, we need to decide what we are doing with the old car, I’m getting a tooth extracted tomorrow – fun fun – have I mentioned I hate the dentist? I’m so not looking forward to the operation or the recovery period…

I am hoping: I can think of something fun to make for lunch after I finish writing this. I am so bored with the usual stuff but can’t think of anything else I feel like making. I’d like something warm as I’m still pretty cold. Like, thinking about hot chocolate and hot apple cider cold…

I am reading: The Baby Fat Diet by Monica Bearden – so far it’s mostly been stuff I already know which is strangely encouraging if a bit boring… It’s not their fault I’m so smart and savvy. 🙂

I am creating: more nothing at the moment

I am wearing: a 3/4 length sleeve pink blouse and my LL Bean jeans that finally fit again!

In the kitchen:

  • Monday: probably spaghetti and meat sauce (MM and I are eating before Dan gets home at which point we’re running to the car dealer to pick up his new ride 🙂 I know this probably seems quick to you but I’ve been looking into replacement cars for us for like at least a year now – it was just a matter of waiting for the right time.)
  • Tuesday: I’ll be eating cottage cheese and a carnation instant breakfast and other liquid diet recovery junk
  • Wednesday: see above
  • Thursday: probably still above stuff – maybe mashed potatoes?
  • Friday: I dunno – if I’m up to it then an alfredo pasta with shrimp maybe?

Around the house: laundry, laundry, more laundry?

Plans for the week: tonight – pick up car; tomorrow – dentist; after that – recover from dentist; hopefully that’s it 🙂

A few of my favorite things: We took a walk this weekend and found a great playground we never knew about (near our dream house no less!). We did the same(ish) walk every day this weekend which is just under 2 miles! That’s twice what we were walking before I had BB!

A picture thought:

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That picture is just adorable! And may the recovery be quick & easy. Don’t forget to put the ice packs on the outside of your cheek & definitely don’t drink through a straw. Good luck!


May the force be with you on the tooth recovery. You guys rock on the walk thing. I assume you have a double stroller or do you baby wear bb the whole way?


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