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Daybook: September 7th


Outside my window: It’s pretty nice out – a lovely Labor Day with highs in the 80’s going to waste by the fact that I am le sick. I couldn’t really tell you what exactly is the matter with me except “threw up, still feel indigested, was mortally tired and slept from 1pm-3pm. Right now I just feel the leftover ick but I am better than I was. Perhaps it was one of those awful 24 hour viruses but condensed so I got over it in like 6 hours? Who knows, but I do know – getting sick on the last day of a three day weekend was kind of unfair although better than if I had gotten sick tomorrow when Dan is at work.

I am hearing: MM appologizing for I don’t even know what. Should I be concerned or is he just babbling nonsense? I think I’ll let Dan deal with it either way – poor guy, he’s pretty much dealing with everything today but I’m trying to hang in their and have spurts of helpfulness like throwing in laundry and clearing the table.

I am thinking: This all might have been avoided if I had been more diligent in taking prenatal vitamins – be assured I will be much more consistent with that now!

I am hoping: that I feel better tomorrow! I had such a terrific weekend that it would be awful if all of that were completely overshadowed by this nonsense. Let’s not forget to mention that Saturday we took a terrific day trip to one of the next town’s over, spent the morning in a really great local State Park where we’re hoping to camp next summer, had lunch in a cute diner, went shopping around town, found and purchased the most incredible crisscross style nursing blouse that looks terrific on me and was less than $5, discovered the coolest little coffee shop and a movie theatre that serves food during the movie – so you sit at little tables in comfy chairs and eat pizza while you watch the movie – we didn’t partake in that particular fun this time but we definitely plan to someday!

I am reading: The Baby Fat Diet by Monica Bearden – I’m a little less than halfway through it and while it’s mostly been things I already know, I have learned a few new things and have a few tips I plan to implement in my diet and lifestyle.

I am creating: a fun growth chart for the kids using a Vinyl Wall Cling from Procrastistamper. The project got a bit complicated when we realized we didn’t want to apply it to our walls since we live in an apartment and it won’t be the easiest thing to take down when we leave (it comes in several pieces and we’d hate to lose the markings) but we picked up 4 pieces of glossy looking foam board from Target and I think it’s going to come out really nicely. Pictures and a review at Mommas Review to follow when we’re done.

I am wearing: my favorite dress – mostly just because my stomach hurt but it doesn’t hurt that it looks nice, too.

In the kitchen:

Around the house: It’s kind of falling apart all of a sudden. Seems like it doesn’t take long to get out of hand – we have lots of laundry and tidying up still to do and dishes to attend to in the kitchen (although Dan could be dealing with that now for all I know, we’ll see…)

Plans for the week: Nothing really for the weekdays except the Fall TV Season is slowly staring back up this week – like all new Ellen starting tomorrow, that new series Vampire Diaries on Thursday, America’s Next Top Model on Wednesday… next week will be even sweeter with loads of our favorites coming back. This weekend we’re planning to finally get our Y membership and maybe open up a bank account in the area – we’ve finally decided which branch we’ll want to go with – which was made easier when a local bank was assigned to us for the car loan. Seems like a lot of people use them and their website seems nice. But it’ll need to wait till Saturday morning so Dan and I can both go down, fill out paperwork, blah blah blah.

A few of my favorite things: the new shirt I got on Saturday, an amazing day trip enjoyed, the new non-breakable drinking glasses we picked up to replace the many, many glass ones we’ve broken in the past year… Looks like it was time to admit that we break things and go for something more durable!

A picture thought:

I asked him to smile for the camera and this is the look he gave me. At least it was a funny, photo-worthy look and not an angst-ridden death glare.
I asked him to smile for the camera and this is the look he gave me. At least it was a funny, photo-worthy look and not an angst-ridden death glare.

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oh… okay lol. you worried me there for a sec. I dont remember continuing prenatals although I probably did haha.

yeah Kraft owns Stove Top and that Bruchetta is amazing!


wait…what? I thought you only took prenatals during pregnancy? or do you do it during breastfeeding too?

hope you are feeling better today! (and btw is that bruchetta chicken bake from Stove Top? if so its really yummy…maybe a bit too much garlic)


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