Daybook: September 21st


Outside my window: It’s clearing up a bit – there was a lot of fog this morning which may or may not be normal. Lately it keeps coming and going throughout the morning. MM says the clouds are coming down to visit or something insanely cute like that.

I am hearing: Dive Olly Dive – it’s a DVD of a few episodes that I got to review for Momma’s Review. We’ve been watching a lot of DVDs here lately because PBS changed their schedule here and added a bunch of random shows that are over MM’s head and rather boring. Not sure what’s up with that.

I am thinking: OMG. So excited. The BEATLES Rockband just showed up at Chez Momma and I cannot wait to show dh and um, play it. MM is going to be singing a lot of Beatles songs soon and I cannot wait.

I am hoping: I make a point of exercising today, finish the laundry in a timely manner and don’t go crazy before dinner tonight. This weekend felt awfully short to me, I’m just hoping to keep my sanity in check right now.

I am reading: Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce. It’s the last in a series that I’ve been meaning to read since like the beginning of time but could not get into for some reason. That problem seems to be resolved and I’m enjoying it though I’m kind of anxious to finish as Dan let me buy The Hunger Games with part of a gift card we got from my aunt (the rest of the money went to getting a copy of Peter Pan to read to the kids, Where The Wild Things Are in anticipation of the movie – MM is already in love with the book – yay!, and The Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise Brown which is beautiful and mostly we love it but eh… there are a few parts we’re not crazy about, like just terrible attempts at rhyming, which could be things that were added by the woman who attempted to finish the book so it could be published… or it could be the reason that Brown stashed the manuscript in a trunk instead of publishing it.

I am creating: a plan of attack for Christmas – we’re going pretty low key on presents for friends and family since we’ll likely have to mail anything we buy – but we have a few things we want to get, eventually I’ll need to start thinking about the Christmas Card photo for this year, and of course presents for ourselves and the kids, but again, low key. We have too much stuff already.

I am wearing: black leggings and a blue, green and tan striped shirt – wow exactly the same thing I was wearing this time last week… that’s kind of sad.

In the kitchen:

Around the house: nothing much that I haven’t already mentioned

Plans for the week: BB has her 2 month check up at the doctors on Wednesday, other than that, it’s just fun times at our place. We’ll have to dive into Beatles Rockband, we’ve got loads of great shows starting this week, and I’m planning to make homemade apple sauce with some remaining apples.

A few of my favorite things: the boys got haircuts this weekend. Well Dan gave both cuts (isn’t he amazing, how did he manage to cut his own hair, I have no idea, but it looks great so no complaints here!) – MM did great with this cut, he’s made a lot of fuss in the past but he was silent as far as I could tell from the other room (I called out – “Hey how’s it going?” at one point, wondering when they would start – and Dan called back, “Great – we’re all done!” Amazing. And they look so cute!

A picture thought:

Check out MM’s new cut – this was taken on Sunday Sunday Sunday while we were attempting to become Green Bay Packers fans (so far I’m thinking maybe I just don’t like football?)… MM’s face looks a bit beat up because he had a mishap with the sidewalk this weekend. The coloring & blurriness is because I was playing with the white balance for fun and he can’t stay still if his life depends on it – hence the face plant he took with the sidewalk…


  1. I may have to take a trip to WI just to play Beatles Rock Band with you guys. I could bring my guitar. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


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