Daybook: October 5th


Outside my window: It’s pretty nice out – huge fluffy clouds. We’ve had a lot of rain lately but it looks nice right now. Weather man says high of 63 today. It’s 51 out right now.

I am hearing: “High ho, high ho, high ho, high ho!” We’re watching Snow White one last time before my review tomorrow at Mommas Review.

I am thinking: that I still have no idea what I want for lunch today. Nothing in particular sounds just right. And nothing is going to top the Pumpkin Pancakes I had for breakfast this morning, so…

I am hoping: the cloth diapers come out clean the first time today. I’m getting tired of rewashing them when two rinses doesn’t prove to be enough.

I am reading: Queste by Angie Sage and I’m also reading Close Encounters of a Third Grade Kind on the side. Both are really good so far.

I am creating: nothing but I’ve got Dan the Man creating all sorts of things. Requests currently on order: taking in three pairs of jeans for me so that they don’t look ridiculously large and baggy on me anymore, making baby leggings for Miss BB out of some ladies crew socks we picked up, new winter hats and scarves for the family. He just finished an adorable hat for BB – those seem to be a pretty quick gig for him, it took him about 2 days, a few hours each night. He could have done it in one night but we picked up some extra things for it on day two.

I am wearing: Gorgeous new pajamas. So pretty I don’t want to take them off just yet. I’m slowly trying to replace the old, ratty remains of my wardrobe – too big for me, bought with a Clearance Rack mentality in mind – with pretty, nicer pieces. A less is more mentality – quality over quantity. I picked up this top and these capris and also this cute pair of flannel sleep pants at Target and ❤ it.

In the kitchen:

  • Monday: BBQ Chicken with sweet potatoes and frozen veggies
  • Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan with whole wheat dinner rolls
  • Wednesday: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Macaroni and Cheese
  • Thursday: Cheesy Shrimp Rice
  • Friday: Bratwurst (hot dogs for the boy) with corn on the cob

Around the house: Last night I had a cleaning spree – I tackled the bathroom countertops like never before – eliminating so much clutter. It looks fantastic. I also did a lot of dishes, breaking down old cardboard, etc. Oh and over the weekend I picked up a cute little wicker basket at Gordmans that we’re using as a little remote control caddy with a couple of DVDs thrown in that are currently in major rotation. I think I got the idea in my latest issue of Family Circle but I could be wrong.

Plans for the week: My daddy is coming to visit! He and his wife will get here late Thursday night and are staying until Tuesday morning – I am soooooo excited and cannot wait for them to meet their new grandbaby!

A few of my favorite things: the Evil Ogre Daddy stories that have taken our household by storm. A month or two ago MM asked me to read him a story, which turned into many, many stories. And eventually we ran out of books nearby so I made up a story about Brave Prince MM rescuing the Fair Princess BB from the Evil Orgre Daddy (my alias is Beautiful Queen Mommy if you were wondering). Just silly stories but MM was instantly smitten and we do it all the time now. Often he’ll tell the stories himself and it’s just so cute. In daddy’s defense, I’ve started trying to tell stories about Dashing King Daddy, too, and how the Evil Ogre Daddy was really more like a Frog Prince and just needed a kiss from his one true love to turn into a king… but MM still refers to all the stories as Evil Ogre Daddy stories. I’m working on video taping some stories for you guys because it really is adorable.

A picture thought:

Great idea, right?

2 thoughts on “Daybook: October 5th

  1. Those pumpkin pancakes sound absolutely yummy. I love just about anything pumpkin @ this time of year.

    Yeah for Your Daddy coming to visit. I’m thinking someone’s getting spoiled soon! *g*

    I can’t wait to hear the stories. They sound so adorable.


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