daybook: november 16th


Outside my window: The sun has set so it’s pitch black out. I can see the lights of street lamps and a couple cars driving by and Dan’s reflection in the sliding door as he sits at his computer paying bills.

I am hearing: MM drinking his milk at the kitchen table behind me and asking his father for water (I guess he finished the milk) and the baby in her pack and play behind me on the other side of the room starting to stir from her most recent nap.

I am thinking: that I’m still hungry but trying to talk myself out of eating the things I want to eat like the hand crafted chocolates my husband’s company gave him for his birthday (which is Saturday) or the dark chocolate Reeses cups that I couldn’t resist picking up at Target this morning (not knowing about the hand crafted chocolates) not to mention the ice cream in the freezer or the cookies I made a couple weeks ago (remember C week?)… our house has way too much good stuff right now and the season isn’t helping matters.

I am hoping: that Perkins will be able to seat us to have some pie there on Thanksgiving. The current plan is to try our hand at a nice fish dinner (since we’re calling ourselves pescetarian these days) of tuna steaks, a baked pumpkin with mixed rice pilaf and some mashed sweet potatoes. Then we’ll go to Perkins and have some pie there so we can each get a different flavor pie but not have three pies adding to our temptation during the following weeks. I know they will be open but I don’t know how busy they will be. Also only going out for pie will be a bit less expensive which is good because we’re taking Dan out for his birthday dinner this weekend, too.

I am reading: Finger Lickin’ Fifteen by Janet Evanovich. I’m about halfway through this book which is good because it’s due back at the library this Saturday. Of course I’m loving it.

I am creating: the Christmas cd for this year and MM’s ABC book

I am wearing: my favorite blue jeans and a basic black tee shirt

In the kitchen:

  • Monday: Tonight we had Eggplant Parmesan – it was like unbelievably good – turns out, we LOVE eggplant parmesan
  • Tuesday: For tomorrow I’m planning Pasta Roll ups and dinner rolls
  • Thursday: Elbow Macaroni with diced tomatoes and parmesan cheese

Around the house: I’ve been struggling to keep up with it all but I think I always feel that way on Mondays as I tend to break from my daily routines on the weekends so diapers and dishes both pile up. But this weekend we finally donated the four bags of clothing and box of old kids’ shoes so our entry way is feeling way less crazy.

Plans for the week: well let’s see on Wednesday we are going to go to our first play group with the new Mom’s Group thing that I joined. It’s a “public meet-up” that I’m going to free of charge (if I decide to join it will be $25 a year which will gain my access to the private meet-ups) and is actually going to be a tour of a newer grocery store in our area. Kind of random but it will give me a chance to meet people and get the kids out and if we like it, there are other more just basic get-togethers. There is also a book club, movie club, dining club, scrap booking and bunco subgroups so there are TONS of options and it looks like a lot of fun. And this weekend I mentioned is Dan’s birthday. I’m throwing him a party on Saturday and we invited some of his work friends to come celebrate with us (i.e. help us eat cake). I’m making the Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake for the event so it should be a good time.

A few of my favorite things: the delicious chocolates Dan brought home, eggplant parmesan – so amazingly delicious that eggplants are officially one of my new favorite foods.

A picture thought:

boys will be boys

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