daybook: december 7th


Outside my window: it’s dark out since I’m writing this just after supper. It gets dark now around 5pm which still feels ridiculously early even though it’s been that way for awhile. We’re supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow. Maybe we’ll be able to take MM sledding this weekend?

I am hearing: MM asking Dan to read him a bedtime story (about Mickey Mouse flying an airplane).

I am thinking: that it’s been a long day. Both my kids are sick and have been pretty high maintenance today.

I am hoping: that I can go play Bunco with my meetup group on Thursday night but that’s going to depend on the weather and the kids’ health among other things.

I am reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I finished The Hunger Games this weekend and as predicted I immediately jumped into the next book. I’m also sifting through the Gospels as part of a still top secret writing project that I’ll no doubt abandon before long. Especially because it means reading the bible at semi-great length.

I am creating: MM’s ABC scrapbook, the family calendar and maybe some photo gifts for the family.

I am wearing: some nice pajamas that are comfortable and silky enough that I don’t feel entirely lazy when I lounge in them all day.

In the kitchen:

  • Monday: Salad and Mushroom Ravioli in a vodka cream sauce
  • Tuesday: leftover Shepherds Pie
  • Wednesday: Grilled Cheese and Soup / or chili
  • Thursday: Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower
  • Friday: Salmon Burgers & leftover Macaroni and Cheese

Plans for the week: I might play Bunco on Thursday night if the planets align. I’ve never played before but involves human interaction so I’m kind of looking forward to it.

A few of my favorite things: donating to a fun charity this weekend, making paper ornaments and gingerbread cake with the family, homemade pizza…

A picture thought:

paper bag gingerbread men oh christmas tree

3 thoughts on “daybook: december 7th

  1. I hope the little ones feel better soon! Poor babies–and poor momma!

    A foot of snow…I’m insanely jealous. I LOVE snow and cannot wait until we no longer live in the dreadful South…

    I love Bunco! I haven’t played in a really long time–though I do have it here at the house. Maybe I’ll play it at my Mom’s group party on Friday? Could be fun 🙂

    And there is nothing better than having a lounge day in comfy pj’s–I may copy that idea for tomorrow 😉



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